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Weekend Wardrobe: Black + Red

Deme Crinion23 Comments
This afternoon the temps finally dipped, the dark clouds rolled in and a biting wind drove everyone inside.  Winter has arrived in ABQ!  At least for today.

Red just feels like a perfect winter color to me and I think it was in every outfit I wore this weekend.  This was my outfit for church....I was going to see "It's A Wonderful Life" at a little theater with a  friend later that day, so this outfit took me to Mass, a play, and finally out to dinner. 
The black and white scarf/infinity scarf/snood (?).... whatever you call the warm fuzzy's my new favorite accessory and was constantly around my neck.

 Except for the 30 seconds I took it off to grab this picture without the coat.

 I tried to zoom in for a close up of the necklace and this was the best pic.  I'm pretty sure I'm prepping for the world's best snot rocket at this moment.  Consider yourself lucky that the photos stop here.
 The necklace is a small diamond on a delicate chain and it belonged to my grandmother.  This probably would have been a good outfit for a big statement necklace, but I'm also a fan of subtle and meaningful.

Now the shoes.  These were a Target clearance rack steal for $8.....when I saw they actually had my size, I about fell over - hooray for a red heel!!

The heels went to Mass in the outfit above and also went to the Mr's Christmas party with the dress below.  This was a completely lucky gift.  My friend Andie (over at Style With Andie) and I swapped a few items that didn't fit us or that we didn't wear/use anymore.  She is the ultimate thrifter and found this dress for a few bucks at Savors.  It didn't quite fit her and I couldn't believe that she just gave it to me!  It is one of the few dresses I have ever owned that fit right in every aspect (length, waist, chest, hips)....and I didn't have to stand a certain way or suck something in for it to look right. 
Dress:  Isaac Mizrahi for Target via Savers via a friend | Tights & shoes: Target | Pearl cuff: Forever 21 | Necklace: Grandmother's

Maybe it was finally getting our Christmas tree this weekend that put me in the Christmas/winter mood.
Sweater: Forever 21 | Checkered shirt: Old Navy via Goodwill | Jeans and shoes: Old Navy

The red gingham and polka dots may have been overkill together, but I felt comfy and full of holiday cheer....the pant-less baby in the red lumberjack-esque shirt may have helped.  I promise he was wearing pants when we picked out the tree.

Rundown on the Mass outfit:
Black trench: Costco (about 5 years ago)
Snood/scarf: Target
Shoes & green shirt: Target clearance
Pants: Gap online (on sale and with coupon code)
Necklace: Grandmother's
Pearl bracelets: Target

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Anyone else pick out their tree?  Anyone else taking several days to actually get it decorated?  Who else is rocking a snood?

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