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Weekend Wardrobe: 1st Sunday of Advent!

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The weather here is kind of crazy.  Crazy good.  We've still been able to play outside without jackets and it's officially December!  I'm writing up this post in jeans and a short-sleeve tee, but this morning I was dressed for winter chill. 

Our littlest guy is finally over his stomach bug, but both boys now have a matching set of runny noses.  So, it was another week of tag-team church for the Mr. and I.    In trying to get out the door, I grabbed this scarf completely oblivious to the fact that I was coordinating for the 1st Sunday of Advent..... ahem....I mean, I totally coordinated my purple scarf for advent today! 

I used my spending money this month for the shoes and this skirt (which puts my total skirt count at two - look out now!).  I'm loving a full skirt these days - so comfy, a modest length, and hides, well, everything I might be self-conscious about :)
I'm especially a sucker for a skirt with pockets and that include their own belt - a skinny leopard print belt at that!

I've been looking for a casual ankle boot for a long time and finally settled on these bootie wedges from Target.  Mostly because I had a shoe coupon :)  But they are so much more comfortable than I thought they would be and I've been wearing them everywhere.  

And since I've been sharing a lot of dressed up for Mass outfits, here's more of an everyday one for you....and more proof that I never take these shoes off my feet. 

This sweater is warm and cozy and  looks like a granny house coat.  But I love it.  Don't judge.

The rundown...

Mass outfit:
Shirt, scarf, shoes (and maybe the tights?): Target | Belted skirt: Forever 21 |  Earrings: The Limited

Casual duds:
Sweater (2 years ago), jeans, shirt: Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Wood beaded necklace: Goodwill

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!  I'm linking up with the ladies at Fine Linen And Purple for another "What I Wore Sunday" party - stop on by for some great inspiration!