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Turkey Day!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Since we are four days into December, I should probably get the Thanksgiving pics up, eh?  We were blessed with perfect weather on Thanksgiving day and since our company wasn't due until dinner-time, we had a relaxing day playing in the yard and cooking throughout the afternoon.

A grasshopper friend decided to join the party...

The kids could not keep away from him and brought him piles of grassy-leafy food offerings.

Sully waited and waited for him to eat...

then offered more food...

and waited some more...

More food?
Eventually something scared him off, and the smell of our own food lured us back in. 

James' pride and glory.  It was quite glorious....a 20 lb specimen of a bird rubbed in a red chile adobo...

It makes the best gravy on the planet.

These guys were ready!

We went pretty simple with the table.....all dishes and linens we already owned. Pine cones from our neighborhood and a little gold paint finished things off. 

You can get the low down on the pine cones and table settings right here,

Of course, once our friends arrived, I neglected to take any pictures.  We were too busy enjoying their company.  These sweet families have been such a blessing to us....especially, with our own extended family so far away.  God has been so faithful to provide dear friends in every city we've called home.  It was a great day, with great food, and a great stockpile of leftovers!