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Santa Suit Clothespin Card Display!

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The steady flow of Christmas cards has officially begun!  And it was becoming obvious that I needed to come up with a way to display them stat or they were all going to end up crumpled between a certain 2 yr old's hands.

I had an idea for a card display last year and never got around to actually making it.  The bonus to the slacking is that I still have all the supplies to get er' done!  Namely jute and clothespins. 

I planned to cover the clothespins with some sort of pretty scrapbook or wrapping paper, but then small white pom poms came to mind and I decided to go a more playful direction!

Meet our...
 I think it's super charming and even better, it was super easy!

 Here's what I used for this project:

- Regular clothespins
- White pom poms
- Red felt
- Strip of black fabric
- Jute or twine (not pictured - oops!)
- Hot glue gun

(I planned to use the tacky glue to adhere the felt to the pin, but ended up using my trusty glue gun for everything)

I started by laying a clothespin over the felt and cut out a piece to size.  I used that first one as a template to cut about 20 more pieces.  Be sure to use the same strip as your template for each one or you could end up with a wonky shape by the end...sort of like a game of telephone.  I didn't trace.  Just laid the cut strip over the felt and used it as a cutting guide.

Each pin takes one red strip, a thin black strip for the belt and 2 poms.

I applied hot glue to the entire surface, skipping over the metal hinge.

Then stuck the red felt strip to the top.

I lined up the black strip with the bottom edge just above the metal hinge.  I attached it with hot glue.

Then more hot glue for the two white pom poms on top, and we had us a Santa suit!

I used the first completed pin as my guide for the rest.  I lined up each pin next to it and matched up the belt and poms placement.

When it came time to hang them, I first mounted 3 small wreaths I grabbed on clearance last year.   I used one pin for the wreath's loop (green pin) and placed another (the blue) just above the top of the wreath itself as a place to tie the jute rope. 

I tied a knot in the jute around the pins at the end of the wall and wrapped the one in the middle of the wall.

Wreaths and jute in place!

Just ready for some Santa pins!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

And then came the cards!  We plan to put all of the photo cards we receive on the line and traditional cards on top of the mantle or piano.  

I realized we would probably need more pins, so I hung another string of jute across a large window on the adjacent wall.

I sort of adore them...

I also love having them in our dining room and may adopt my friend Morgan's tradition (over at Morganize With Me) of choosing a card each night and praying for that family before dinner.  It would be a great addition to the advent season and way enjoy our cards even more.

Over the weekend we also put up these little guys.  It's become a tradition to hang ornaments or seasonal goodies from the chandelier.  The dining room is the place for most of our kiddo decorations and these plush ornaments (from last year) were perfect for bringing a little fun to our light!
Slowly but surely we're getting there!  Hopefully I'll have more Christmas projects to share throughout the week!

How about you - how do you display or corral your Christmas cards?  Any special decorations that you look forward to year after year?

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