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Favorites Of 2012!

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Was Christmas really just on Tuesday?  Even though it seems like it was a week ago, I'm still digging out cardboard, ripped tags, and pieces of wrapping paper to prove otherwise!  I hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful Christmas!

We had a such a special day and continue to celebrate into this week, but in a much more relaxed way.  I'm trying to claim some quiet and peace wherever we can and am actually enjoying the letdown from the rush before Christmas.

I've also been thinking a lot about the coming year with regards to the blog and our family....I'm so excited for the year ahead and can't wait to share some of the changes and new things that will be happening around here!

But first, let's jump on the blogging bandwagon and take a little trip down 2012's memory lane....

I started Fresh Coat Of Paint this past February, so she's not quite a year old.  We I knew there was a lot to do in this house and sometimes I can get overwhelmed by all there is left to touch, much less conquer.  But taking a look back is good for perspective and for the soul.  I was surprised at how much we accomplished when I took time to go back through this year's posts.

Here's my favorite from each month....

One of the first *real* projects I shared on the blog was taking Sully from a crib to his big boy bed that we painted a deep blue back in March.

In April we tackled a knock-off project, attempting to recreate Pottery Barn inspired curtains on a much smaller budget.  I still love them!

We tackled a few different areas in May, but my favorite room progress by far was in Mia's room.  I debated forever on how to address that dark pink focal wall.  The answer turned out to be butterflies!

In June we organized and refinished Mia's vanity - my favorite spot in her room.

Summer months are crazy hot around these desert parts, so the best time to enjoy being outdoors is in the morning and evenings.  A summer breakfast on the patio with some girlfriends was a treat in July...and something I could do every week!

Our breakfast nook redo was such a labor of love and we were thrilled to share the final results with you all in August!

In September we shared the closet organization for Mia's room, including some DIY fabric appliqued bins to help sort outgrown clothes.

October brought the opportunity to join The Nester in her 31 Day Challenge: write on one topic for 31 days.  I put myself on a project spending freeze for 31 days and worked and wrote on "Working With What You Have".  My favorite project from that series was this Mike Wazowski costume that Jack sported in monster-like glory!

In November we spruced up some pine cones with gold and silver paint, creating a simple, nature inspired Thanksgiving table.

We didn't do too much in the way of DIY Christmas decorations this year, but we did bust out a Christmas Card Display....with a little felt, twine and clothespins, our Santa Suit clothespin display gave our dining room plenty of Christmas cheer!

Since this blog baby is not quite a year old, all the projects in the Project Gallery are one's we've done this year.  I'm looking forward to adding many more in 2013!

I never could have imagined how much inspiration and encouragement I've found through the blogging community.  Wonderful readers, amazing new friends, and a place to share the things I love.  What could be better?