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What I Wore To Thanksgiving Dinner

Deme Crinion18 Comments
Thanks to Grace's "What I Wore To Thanksgiving Dinner Link-up" over at Camp Patton, I'm posting on Thanksgiving Day after all.  The 17th load of dishes is in the dishwasher, so the Mr and I are just waiting with pants unbuttoned to load up the last round.....from the turkey, people. Unbuttoned from all the turkey. Or maybe it was the vat of mashed potatoes I consumed in 20 seconds flat.

Either way, we had a scrumptious dinner with dear friends, our bambinos are conked out from all the excitement, and I will be smothering every meal with left over red chile adobo gravy for the next 4 days.

We actually had a decent cooking plan but I somehow still managed to look like this about 45 min before our guests were to arrive...
That's clean hair in a bun, no makeup and jeans with one leg rolled up twice and the other rolled up just once.  Not even my dirty apron can distract from the random roll of toiled paper on the floor.  I'm blaming it on the baby.  

 I ran a curling iron over my hair, traded up for some trouser jeans, threw on some bling and did some quick makeup.......and went to my go-to leopard print flats that I can't seem to break away from. 

How about a cheesy setting the table photo....

No? How about some with my darling bed-head crowned children that just woke up from their nap.....

 I'm not sure where Jack was at this point but I have a feeling that Sully's face had something to do with it.

The picture of innocence, this one...
Shirt: Old Navy (on sale + 25% off promo code) | Jeans: Merona (Target) | Shoes: discount shoe warehouse | Earrings: The Limited | Gold bangles:  Target | necklace: my Grandmother's 

I did have a bright purple cardi I planned to layer over this but the oven was working overtime, and let's face one wants their green bean casserole seasoned with dripping sweat.  So, no cute layers or scarves this turkey day.

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