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Weekend Wardrobe: A Wintery Fall Day

Deme Crinion14 Comments
Today is COLD.  It feels more like a winter day with blistery wind and snow on the mountains.   So, for our 9:00am Mass heavy coats and lots of layers were the name of the game!

I layered the dress I wore for the "One Dress. Four Seasons" post over a black turtleneck, and warm tights.  And then threw on a heavy wool coat.  Because I'm a cold wimp.
 I'm in love with this coat because it's warm, not at all itchy, and.....cost $13.99!!!  I snagged it online and on sale here.

Now, in general I would say that wearing tights or nylons with open-toed shoes is a no-no.  I think most would agree....

White pantyhose? :  wedding Lv Pantyhose Db

The exception to this rule is peep-toe shoes with opaque (solid not sheer) colored tights.  At least I hope so; otherwise, I'm sharing my fashion blunder on the internet and trying to take you all down with me.

When it comes to trends, we can embrace them in small, non-committal doses in our homes (i.e. throw pillows, printable art, etc) to avoid having a house that feels outdated in a couple years or not at all like us. We can take the same approach to our clothes.  The bold patterns or color combos of the season are great for details like belts, tights, accessories or shoes, if you're afraid to fully take the plunge.

Here's the rundown....
dress: Old Navy | turtleneck & tights: Target | belt: TJ Maxx | coat: Forever 21 | shoes: handed down from my mom.  Yup, my mom rocked these 4" heels for one night at a wedding reception...then couldn't take the pain anymore.  Thanks, Mom!

Hope you're all having a great weekend and to all those who have and continue to serve our nation, including the families that support them....thank you and God bless you on this Veteran's Day weekend.  To our fellow Marines, Semper Fi!

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