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Weekend Wardrobe: Summer Maxi For Fall

Deme Crinion14 Comments
We were up last night with a poopin' pukin' baby....poor guy can't seem to fully kick this stomach bug.  A day of pj's was in store for him, so James and I tag teamed it to church individually this morning.

I'm at an awful in-between place with dress pants and I own approximately 1 skirt (which I wore last week), so I went to my green summer maxi.  Normally, I would just throw a cardigan or jacket over a summer dress, but the neckline is completely inappropriate on this.  I snagged it on clearance at the end of summer and planned to cut off the top and make it into a skirt.  Obviously, I'm totally on top of that. 

I grabbed my white sweater and prayed it would be long enough to cover the snag in the dress I found right on the derriere.  Luckily, the rear was concealed, so I dressed it up with some accessories and called it done. 
I'm scheming a DIY black and white project for our office, so I must have black and white on the brain.  I found the necklace at Goodwill for $1.99 on Friday....that's right.  I went out with the die-hard Black Friday shoppers and I hit up the eerily quiet Dollar Store and my short-lined Goodwill. I didn't have much luck with clothes but scored on some funky chunky jewelry!

Can I just sing the praises of a cute and comfy flat?  We can put wearing heels in a sleep deprived state into the 'poor life decision' category, so thank you to whomever thanks is due for cute flats today.

I've always considered myself too short and too curvy to pull off a maxi, so I had never even tried one on until this past year.  And now we're BFF's that can't ever be parted.  Most comfortable thing I own (that happens to hide all my self-conscious areas) and all I have to do is throw it on.  Now, strapless maxi's are a totally different and annoying story, but a maxi with straps/sleeves?  Yes, please!

The rundown....

Dress:  Target clearance rack
Sweater and shoes:  Old Navy online (sale and with coupon code)
Belt:  borrowed from another dress
Necklace:  Goodwill

*Linking up again with the fine ladies at Fine Linen & Purple!