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Weekend Wardrobe: Mint & Feathers

Deme Crinion20 Comments
We woke up to a grey rainy morning, totally out of character for our corner of the desert.  So, I took an outfit that I would normally wear in spring and added some cozy layers for church this morning.

I grabbed this skirt on sale awhile ago and haven't worn it yet.  A high waisted skirt does wonders for us postpartum mommies.  Yes, my baby is almost 2.  It's still "baby weight" until they're like 5, right? 

I finally found a chain for my Our Lady Of Guadalupe medal...just borrowed it from another necklace.

The navy tights and close-toed shoes kept me plenty warm.
Is anyone else creeped out by the angle of my ankle?  Me too.  I can't help it - it's what it does.

Bad hair day = top knot. Super easy and no fuss.

I've had these earrings forever and liked the way they played off the brass snaps down the front of the skirt.  Which I didn't show you.  Oops. I was also wearing my Rosary bracelet with aqua beads...that I didn't show you either.  Still a work in progress here!

 Jacket/tights/shoes: Target | Skirt: Downeast Basics | Sweater: Old Navy | Infinity scarf: gift

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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