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Sick Babies & A Fall Frolic

Deme Crinion1 Comment
For the past 8 days now, Jack has been fighting a stomach bug.  We've been up through the midnight hours changing sheets, cleaning up the bodily fluids, and combating the fever.  Only two of those night did Jack sleep through without throwing up.  Poor Buddy.  We felt like parents of a two newborns again.  And have the dark under-eye circles and perpetual cup of coffee in hand to prove it. 

Fortunately, during the day he was mostly his regular self.  Just a bit more tired.  During that same week, Sully had a few uncommon night accidents.  More sheets to change.  More loads for the laundry.  More coffee.

Mia also napped 6 of the 8 days.  She must be going through a growth spurt...and praise God, because these hours of afternoon quiet and chance for rest were the greatest blessing, and totally necessary for survival.

We're dealing with the bomb of toys, clothes and papers that struck our home while we trudged through our days like zombies and let everything go that wasn't absolutely necessary. 

Lots to pick-up, lots of clean laundry to fold, and even more dirty laundry to wash.  Let's not forget rest.  Lots and lots of rest. 

We did a little bit of it all today (you can see the state of our house and read more about how we're getting things back in order here at the house blog).  The best part was getting outside to romp in the leaves that have overtaken our backyard.

Jack was sort of leery at the thought of jumping in a leaf pile at first.  But after watching his sis...

then his big bro...

He figured he best get in on the action while he could. 

And then he became a wild leaf man that couldn't be stopped...
 He ran through them.

He buried himself in them.

He smothered them with his body.

Well, I guess he wasn't the only one..

Then someone (I'll find out who), led the charge in an attack on their loving mother.

I had leaves in places people don't talk about and felt the best course of action was to assume the fetal position.


Eventually they gave up and moved on

Since all the leaves were raked up, we had prime open road for some wagon rides.

She looks like a sweet little cup of sugar here but don't be fooled.  She's a muscly beast.  And probably didn't need my help at all.

These two were in Radio Flyer bliss.  Good thing their sis adores them and likes to pull them around.

It was a great afternoon and I have a feeling we won't be able to enjoy too many more like this.  Without coats, hats and gloves anyway!