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Reader Spot: Maxing Closet & Storage In a Small Bedroom...And Some Fab Thrifting Tips!

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I'm so excited to introduce you to one of my best bloggin' buds from Style With Andie today!  Andie started blogging in the Home/DIY/Organizing genre, but with a recent move to a cramped place and limited time and resources for home projects, a new blog was born of her other love - fashion!  Being that she always looks great, I was not the least bit surprised!  She has so many great ideas for easy style on a budget, and is the ultimate thrifter with a closet full of high end name brands that she snagged at Goodwill prices!

The girl has the home/organizing chops but she's also got the personal style skills to pay the bills.  A pretty great combo if you ask me!  And today I get to share the best of those two worlds with you as we peak into her closet.

Ready to snoop?  Me too!


 As a stay at home mom, my time to get ready is tricky. I try to wake up early before the kids are awake but when selecting an outfit it helps to have everything organized to make it a quick and easy process everyday.

This is my closet
 We are renters so I took down the old brass closet mirrors and replaced them with these curtains. 

Open and voila! Here is my closet on the inside.
We have a loooong closet bar, a shelf above the bar (used for my heavy sweaters and hubby's textbooks), and a dresser underneath the clothes. In order to maximize space, I am switching out all our plastic hangers for super thin huggable hangers-I have a little less than half switched out so far. I pick up one pack every pay period at Home Goods for $13 for a pack of 25.

For the dresser, I made labels for each drawer out of black vinyl with my Silhouette machine. This way I can sort laundry quickly and my husband knows where are all his things are too. Haha, no more asking me which drawer his socks are in!

As much as I love my clothes, I HATE laundry. It is my nemesis, so I try to make it as painless as possible. I have four containers that have labels (again made with vinyl from my Silhouette) for Delicates, Whites, Darks and Colors. Now I never need to sort, I just grab the basket and wash. (Sorry for the poor lighting as our bedroom has no over head lighting)

I use regular hangers for my lightweight scarves. Having them laid out flat allows me to see all the scarves I have and select one accordingly.

You can also see something hanging behind the clothes. It is wrapping paper! As a fashionista I dream of a large painted closet in a black, white and grey color scheme. But until then, I used some pretty paper to line all the shelves. I let the top shelf's paper hang down so it would cover the blank wall behind the rod and create a backdrop behind the hangers.

We have a super tiny room at 8ft by 12ft and a King bed inside, so our space must be used wisely. I snagged this shelf system from a stand up closet I had in my single days with my roomie. I made more labels from my Silhouette machine so I know exactly what each basket holds. The top basket holds my winter scarves and beanies, the second holds all my tights and leggings, while the third holds my hubby's scarves (hence the reverse label)
 I also use it to hang my handbags from so they won't get damaged sitting on the floor.

I needed a way to store my boots because they just flopped over on shelves. I looked into boot trees but found they ranged from $15 to $20 a pair. I also saw boot clips and those were still $10 each so I went to Target and thought I could find some pant hangers to use. These were three for $3.99 and I simply clip one boot on each clip and hang them. My hanging space in the closet is at a premium so I opted to hang them on my accessory rack.

Next to the accessory tower, I have a Jewelry tower. I have always wanted one of these so I was super excited that I snagged it for $24 at Goodwill! The tower itself holds my ear rings, nail polishes, home manicure tools, and my shorter necklaces on the side doors (they swing open).
For my super long necklaces I bought some decorative scissors with four hooks at Jo-Ann's. Having my necklaces out makes it really easy to select the perfect match for my outfit. The drawers above the tower hold my hair accessories. Normally I would store these in the bathroom but our bathroom has zero storage so I opted for this. Each drawer holds headbands, clips and bows.

Now to my favorite part: SHOES! I have a thing for shoes. They can make or break an entire outfit. They can up the glamour factor of any tee and jeans. Since I  also tend to buy many of my shoes for $5, I feel like I can have a ton and not feel bad about it. The down side is they can be a pain to store.

For my husband's shoes, I use an over the door rack
 Each side of our closet has two deep shelves. I use my shelves for my shoes. I organize my shoes by type and color. The heels are in the back with the summer heels next and finally ballet flats and sneakers. Again, ease is the name of the game so organize how it makes sense to you. I put my flats first because I access those most.

Okay, so how do I organize my actual clothes? I organize from least accessed on the left to most accessed in the middle. I start with my long sleeved sweaters on the left. Then I go to button up shirts, tees and blouses. From there I have my pants, skirts and finally dresses. I don't access my dresses the most but I didn't want them hanging over our hampers.
Within each of those categories, I arrange my clothes from lightest to darkest. The organization would be far more apparent if I could say I had multiples of every color and shade but alas, I don't.

Since I share a closet with my husband, I needed to conserve room as much as possible. I came across these huggable pant hangers from Target. They are a steal at $6 for a pack of two! I hang all my pants on two or three of these. It also makes it easier for me to select an outfit because I can pull three hangers and see all my pant options at once.

I also use this for my skirts. My skirts used to get lost in the shuffle and I would "forget" one even existed for months at at time. Now I just pull out one hanger and I can see them all.

That is my closet organization! We live in a rather small very old home. But I made the best of the limited space (though I do like size of the closet with the shelves on the sides) by organizing, rearranging and re-organizing, Sometimes, you have to live with a system to see if it works for you. We are planning on moving again when our lease is up so I can tell you a home with a walk-in closet is pretty high on my list :)


Pretty fantastic, right? It's such a well thought out place!  Everything was set up in a certain way with easy access and frequent use in mind.  Labels help keep things organized and make life easier when it comes to cleaning up and maintaining the space.  The accessory and jewelry towers provide extra storage and keep most used thing right at the fingertips.  And the pant hangers with clips to keep the boots from flopping over?  Simply genius! 

But wait, I have one more treat for you...if you've ever been interested in thrifting for clothes but fear or intimidation has stopped you, Andie has some amazing tips for stocking your closet with name brands finds on a dime!

After college, I moved out and had my first "real job" along with my first real apartment payment. I soon realized my love of shopping had to take an even cheaper approach than places like Target, Old Navy, Kohls, etc. Enter my thrift-store love affair! I discovered thrift-stores nearly 6 six years ago and have been a faithful thrifter ever since.

Here are a few key points in my strategies:

  • Find out where a thrift store gets its donations. Savers on our west side of town gets its donations from three neighboring upscale cities and local upscale neighborhoods, so it's nearly always full of hardly worn, good quality name brands. The Savers on the other side of town gets its donations from the poorer part of the city so the clothes tend to be really "used".
  • Flip through fashion magazines/websites for the latest styles or key basics and then assess your closet. See what you need and what you want then decide on a budget. 
  • Finally once your budget is set, see if there is a way to get more discounts on top of the cheap prices (yup I still wanted more discounts). My local Savers has a HUGE 50% off sale twice a year. I do our kids' wardrobes-Winter and Summer during this sale and I will do any replenishing in my or the hubby's wardrobe that is needed. I also found out that Savers offers a 20% off coupon on an ENTIRE PURCHASE for a small grocery bag of donations. When I purge my own clothes or home items, I save them and if I need or want something, I donate a grocery bag at a time to max out my savings. Our Goodwill also offers 25% off entire purchases on Mondays.
  • Go Frequently. It is not like the mall where new items come in every month or season. Thrift stores get new items all the time, all day long. You have to be willing to be patient and look frequently especially if you are looking for a specific item. I recently waited for two months looking for a specific shoe and just as I was beginning to lose hope and think about paying $60-80, I found a brand new pair of shoes in a different brand that were exactly what I wanted for only $6!!
  • Be Choosy. The danger of thrifty shopping is that you will end up with tons of "so-so" $3 dollar items. Hold out and wait till it is amazing, The shopping experience needs to be the same as at the mall or a dept store: if you are not loving it- then DON'T get it. If you stick to this rule, your closet will be filled with amazingly good fashions on a dime budget.

So many fantastic tips and ideas from this small closet that packs a big punch!  And from the thrifter and fashion lover behind it all!  You can find more details over at Andie's blog Style With Andie!

*So, what was your favorite part? How do you max out limited closet space? Do tell!