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Reader Spot: Building A Room For A Growing Boy

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With two little men of my own, I appreciate any and all ideas on how to create a room that can grow with your children, inspire their creativity, reflect their personality, and organize all the things that come along with them!  So, imagine my excitement when Sharon from Desert Willow Lane  began working on her son Jacob's room.  She tackled the room one project at a time and while she still has a few more projects for this space up her sleeve, Jacob's room has morphed into one cool space!   And I'm thrilled that I get to share it here today!

Did I mention that Sharon also lives in ABQ?   We randomly "met" through this community of bloggers that we both love and it's a bit silly that we've never met in person.  We'll have to get to fixing that.....but first, brace yourself for some awesomeness!

One of the first projects Sharon completed in her son's room was this Mod Podge map mirror frame.
Her first attempt was with a map that had a whole lot of blue and sort of faded into the background of those blue walls.  She decided to give it a second attempt with a map of different colors and it made all the difference!

I'm loving all the blues, greens, and especially orange that the map brings to the space!

She then took some spray paint to the dresser (as seen above) and her son's bed (girl after my own heart!).  This is Valspar's Indigo Blue and it completely transformed those pieces!

Now, I know you're eyeing it....that amazing pallet art display board above the headboard?  Yup, she made it.  And I'm dying over that gorgeous rustic wood!

She made it using some left over wood from this pallet play table  she made for her son’s Play Mobil Oambati Station . 

Yup, she made that too.  She attached casters to the bottom so it can easily roll back into the closet when her son is done playing.  

She also used a bookcase and bins to create a more organized space for her guy’s toys, books and special keepsakes.  

One way she created a sense of cohesion in the room was with a series of projects involving drop cloth.  The back of the bookcase above is lined with it.  But she also made drop cloth curtains for the closet with it…..
 Sharon wanted to bring in a denim element to the room but instead of purchasing more fabric, she dyed some fabric she already had on hand and created a denim strip herself for the top of the curtains.  Love!

She also made her son a drop cloth duvet cover with it...
Sharon would like you to think she can’t sew, but she busted out this drop cloth duvet cover with Velcro strips on her own and stuffed it with a warm, puffy comforter just in time for the cold weather. 

Seriously….drop cloth.  Who knew?!

I couldn’t leave without showing you the difference a little green spray paint made to her son’s desk area.  The hardware and chair both got a fresh coat of paint in a green shade pulled from the map mirror frame.    

I love the pop of color!  Especially next to that awesome striped pillow she sewed and that bright orange number.

Sharon managed to create a room that’s full of color, full of life, and made with a lot of love.  I’m sure it’s her son’s favorite room in the house and the best part is that the majority was made by mom herself.

So whose ready to go tackle a boys room?!?!  I sure am!  What was your favorite part?   Swooning over that art display?  Drooling over the pallet play table?  So much to see and so much to love!  You can find out all the details at Sharon’s blog and almost all these project links include fantastic tutorials!  Thanks for sharing with us, Sharon!

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