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Our Thanksgiving Table & Pine Cone Name Cards

Deme Crinion5 Comments
Most people would probably consider posting about your Thanksgiving table the day before the big event a major procrastination.  At least in the blogging world.  But being as I'm normally scrambling to set the table an hour before guests arrive, I'm chalking up today as a huge victory and giant check off the to-do list!

I had an idea of white/silver/gold with natural elements planned for the table, but we still have this bold red/green fabric on the dining room chairs to deal with.  As I looked through my drawers, I found a red table runner with gold and earth toned details and four red beaded napkin rings.  I decided to work with what I had on hand and go with the red!

I still wanted to add a natural element, so I emptied a vase full of pine cones that we collected on a nature walk.  Nothing like free decor, courtesy of the neighborhood trees.

I couldn't resist these Martha Stewart metallic paints last time we were at Home Depot.  I knew I could use them for holiday crafts and they were the perfect way to bring our pine cones up a notch.

I borrowed a paintbrush from my kids' art supplies and with a small amount on the end of the brush, dabbed a bit on all the ends. 

We are having 2 sweet families join us for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow, which means we'll have 6 adults at our dining table (and two babies strapped in highchairs), and 4 kiddos over in the kitchen nook.  For the adult's place holders, I took 6 of my favorite small pine cones and blinged them out with a bit of gold paint.

Then I printed name cards off the computer and slide them right in between the notches.  This is how the kids decided the names.  They don't call me Miss Deme...that would be weird...but our little friends do.

 The pine cones that fill the vases on the runner are a mix of sizes, shapes and silver and gold paint.

The stick pumpkin in the center was a gift from my mom...the gal has great taste :)

Since I only had 4 of the red beaded napkin rings, I decided to place them on the plates at the sides of the table.

I didn't have any other rings, so I wrapped a couple of my stretchy pearl and crystal bracelets (you know, the Target variety) around the napkins at the ends of the table.

The plates are an imperfect set I picked up from an outlet store probably 10 years ago and they're actually our everyday dishes.  The leaf imprints and creamy white worked right into our fall table.  The cloth napkins were a wedding gift and also have a great natural feel to them.

The silverware will stay off the table until right before eat; otherwise, our guests will sit down to fingerprint and slobber laden forks.

And just so you don't go getting any ideas that my house is anywhere near ready for guests, here's a reality shot for ya...
Ironing board in the dining room - classy. I know. 

Living states away from the rest of our family makes us so incredibly grateful for the amazing friends God has blessed us with here.  They are like a home away from home and we are so thankful to be sharing such a special day with them. We hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by the ones you love!