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Office Curtains - Take 2

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Make that "take 2" for the whole office....

When I first began scheming for our his/hers office space, I knew I wanted striped curtains for the window above my desk.  Immediately, I thought black and white.  But as we started to really think about a color scheme that would appeal to both the hubs and I (it is a shared space after all), we went more towards navy.   Navy, pink and green to be exact.  You can check out the original mood board here.

Since we abandoned the black and white, I used it as an opportunity to try something else I had been wanting to attempt: pattern striped curtains.
It was definitely a labor intensive project (if you consider ironing hem tape to be laborious), and I really liked the result!  It was the first update to the room and I felt we were off to a good start.  I used that patterned fabric because it had a navy background and the pinks, greens and grey for our navy/green/pink color scheme.

The problem was it also had teal, citron, and brown.  It was a lot of color and a lot of pattern. I thought the high-contrast stripes would diminish the juvenile feel of the paisley pattern, but then I added this pink chair for a pop of color....
Oh my.  It was another DIY project that involved paint and recovering the seat cushion.  While I love the curtains and chair individually, together they were making my workspace feel a little too.....cute.  And not even a nod toward masculine.

I wanted a color scheme that would allow me to pull some feminine colors for my workspace and some manly shades for James'.  It did, but as my beloved would say, "it was taking a trip to negative town".  He didn't actually say that, but it sums up my thoughts.  Even the more sophisticated accessories we tried to pull in weren't helping.  Not to mention the chair was really uncomfortable.....not the seat padding but something about the backrest.  Hence the reason, I haven't shared any office updates as of late.

It's ok to admit when something just isn't working. I knew we needed to change things up, so I went to my crutch Pinterest for inspiration.  And what was I drawn to?  Black and white, my original idea.  These particular drapes from Kelly Moore's office had me drooling on my computer in a love-struck stupor.

Ok, the whole space is just incredible, but I might be stalker-level obsessed with those curtains. I love that they still had the contrast and linear feel of a standard stripe but the interest of a graphic print.  But how to make them work with the blue & gold of my Irish alum husband and something that also inspires me?

Hobby Lobby, that's how!  All thanks to these beauties for my desk....

I had been wanting to use a mix of metallics in the office, and these had some of the gold/brass accents I still needed.  They also had that beautiful deep blue/navy and one of my favorites!  I think going with a tealy blue-green as an accent color will give the office a more masculine feel than the original pink (obviously) and will still make me completely happy.  

What sealed the deal was a recent decision to bring my Grandmother's settee into the office.
 Yes, she's still buried but we have a spot cleared out and all ready for her!

Such a unique piece will change the feel of the room a bit.  We do plan to have it reupholstered down the line, but will have to live with the gold fabric for awhile.  The knobs play off the settee fabric beautifully and gave me all I needed to run with this new color scheme! 

I was never 100% sold on the old color scheme.  I was trying to come up with something that would incorporate James' favorites and mine, but it ended up being way too busy and difficult.   When I have to force the design, I know I'm off.  I can admit it - I was wrong :)

This new direction has me really excited because it has elements of both our tastes but feels much more cohesive, incorporates more of the colors that are throughout the rest of our home, and will allow me to bring in some of our most treasured pieces.  We're pot committed here!

Black paint for a DIY curtain project is purchased and I'm ready to go!

*I don't consider myself an indecisive person, but it seems lately I'll have an idea, get drawn away by something else, convince myself it's right/better, then end up going back to my original vision...anyone else guilty of abandoning their first instincts?  Does it work out or do you end up going back?