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Mom's Drop Zone Update

Deme Crinion1 Comment
First, I must apologize for my extreme slacker-ness when it comes to the DIY posts this week.   I have several projects in various stages that I just haven't been able to wrap up yet.  The poor hubs has no idea what's in store this weekend!

One of those can't-seem-to-get-er-done projects is the mom's drop zone I planned to create in our kitchen.  I had a particular color stain in mind to use on the old wooden kitchen rail, but have not made it to the store yet.

It must have been providence, because when I grabbed my coat out of our front hall closet this morning I found this:

My parents brought this to us when they downsized and I had big plans for her in our front entry.  Then today, I realized that it would be directly across from another mirror in the entry.  We have that mirror on mirror reflection that takes you to circus town in our master bath and I have no desire to repeat it anywhere else in the house.

I took a gamble and held it up to the space I have my eyes on for my drop zone.  Could not be more perfect!  And now I'll be able to do a quick check before I head out the door!

Of course, she won't stay like this. :)

Fortunately, I have all that I need for this project on hand.  And now that we're not using this large piece in the entry, I have a whole new set of ideas swirling for that space.  It's amazing how adding or eliminating one thing can totally change the game plan and jolt your creative juices out of their rut!