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Handmade Gift For A Little Guy That Loves To Bake!

Deme Crinion6 Comments
We have a sweet little friend that recently turned 3 years old.  He loves trucks and loves to get in the kitchen baking and cooking with his mom.  When it came time to celebrate his birthday we wanted to give him something personal, fun and that he could use over and over.  So, we came up with.....

A manly little apron:
Here's how we did it...

Since this project was for a little dude, I pulled some fabrics from my stash with greens and blues.

I took an apron from the kids' play kitchen and laid it down on the underside of the main fabric. I traced about 1/2 inch out from the edge of the apron (for seam allowance) all around the silhouette.

This apron had soft, curved lines, so to make it a bit more masculine I traced out a little further to give the new apron straight edges......and about halfway through, remembered that I was dealing with a graphic pattern and should probably center it.....otherwise, the detail freak in me would be twitching at the end.  I only needed to move it over another 1/2 inch or so and marked the correct cutting line with an arrow.

I cut out one side...

...and then folded it over, and lined up the edges.  I used the folded edge as a guide to finish cutting and ensure an even shape.

Once I had the basic apron shape cut, it was time to iron and sew the edges.  I started by ironing down all my horizontal edges 1/2 inch.

On the sides next to the bib, I had to cut in 1/2 inch to be able to fold it over.

I didn't get a picture of it, but you'll need to do the same thing to the vertical edge of the bib right next door.  It left a small unfinished gap but it gets covered up in another step (sorry if that makes zero sense right now!).
After the horizontal edges were sewn, I did the same will all the vertical edges.

To create the "belt" I took a 2 inch piece of my accent fabric and folded in both edges.

And ironed them flat.

Then my laziness and lack of sewing chops kicked in and I went to my trusty hem tape.  I made sure my "belt" extended about 1/2 inch beyond the edges of the apron but cut my hem tape just to fit the width of the apron, not beyond.
I made the top edge of the belt flush with the top edge of the apron skirt and ironed it in place.

I wanted to create a little tie for the top, so I started by creating the top knot.  I have no specific directions to offer here (I know....what business do I have writing a "tutorial" again?).  I'll do my best to explain....I cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the shape of the knot I had in mind, then ironed and sewed the top and bottom seams.....then used hem tape again to attach the sides.

I cut off the edges that were sticking out and ended up with this:

This is the general shape I cut for the base....I tried to use the straight lines of the gingham pattern as a guide to get it even all around

I cut the base flat so that when the edges were folded over it would create a point. This fabric was all over the place every time I took it over to the machine, so once again, hem tape came to my rescue.

I also used hem tape to attach the tie pieces.  I made sure to leave the bottom portion of the knot unattached, so that I could slide the top edge of the bottom piece under it, then stuck it down.
I quickly attached some string to the sides and top...

and here's where we ended up!

While it didn't come together piece-by-piece as I had planned, I'm still super excited to give our little buddy a special apron of his own to wear when he's ready to get messy in the kitchen!

We gave this apron as a b-day gift, along with some fun baking goodies he can make with his family.  I might try to work out the less-than-thought-out parts of this project (or maybe just start with an actual plan the next time) and bust out a few more as Christmas gifts!  It would be super cute with mason jars of cocoa, cookie or brownie mix!

Anyone else cooking up handmade gifts this year? They are my favorite kind to receive, so it's about time I start giving them!