House For Six

Day 9: A Few Finds

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Taking on this 31 day series of Working With What You Have, has prompted me to put on my brave girl pants and venture into the cupboards that I pray no one opens.  I don't have too many cupboards like this, but the ones I do have are a serious hazard with the amount of "I don't know where to put this" stuff that has been shoved in.

My goal was to pull out the contents, get them organized and hopefully uncover some forgotten treasures that could help with organizing/decorating projects around the house.  I was thinking primarily of my office/craft closet which is STUFFED with fabric, crafting items, project supplies, picture frames, and who knows what else!  I also knew the garage still had unpacked boxes from our move....yes, that was almost 2 years ago.  Shameful. 

So digging around the other day I found a few things that got me really excited and my wheels turning.

I grabbed this lamp shade from the clearance rack at Lowe's awhile back.  It was just $5.99 and since we are moving towards more blues/greys for the laundry room I'm hoping we can use it as a new ceiling pendant.

I also found these bird prints I grabbed from Hobby Lobby a few months ago.  I thought we might use them in our new breakfast nook but we ended up framing a Dr. Seuss quote instead.  I still love the colors and can think of a few places they would add some much needed color and interest.

My mom and I picked up this ceramic tray from Home Goods just before I started this series.  I planned to use it in the laundry bathroom for soaps but it's a little too big.

I'm still digging the color and think I might re-purpose it in our office or even the kitchen.

 I also found this blue and white bowl I grabbed when Home Goods first opened.  I love the touch of green on the inside and it works with all the other blue and white accessories we've gathered for the master bedroom. 

Some great finds that I can't wait to put to use!  And apparently I'm drawn to blue :)