House For Six

Day 8: Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks

Deme Crinion1 Comment
In preparation for our pantry turned mudroom project, I began picking up hooks here and there....single hooks. Double hooks.  Mounted hooks.  Loose hooks.

We decided that single, individual hooks would be best for the project, so I now have a few extra....hooks.  In trying to push myself to use things I already have around the home for projects and crafting, I thought the hooks could be the answer to this little problem:
Well, lets be honest..the first part to solving this mess is for me to stop being lazy and just put the diapers away.  I mean really.

This random area is a perfect example of how piles are like magnets.  You put one thing down because you don't have time to put it away or because it doesn't have a home yet, and before you know it something else ends up beside it. And then something else. And something else. And what started out as a "neat" pile is now just a flat out mess.

So the toys were put away in their proper place, and we mounted the hooks to give a home to the rest.  

The backpacks are now off the ground.  The boys are too young to use these for school, so they are ready for any car trips, picnics or playtime.  It also holds Sully's superhero cape (always good to have at the ready) and a sweatshirt that Jack can use for a cape until I can make him one.

The box of books is now flush against the wall, but we have a better storage plan coming for those too.
We intentionally mounted these hooks low so they would be within kid-reach. I'm on the lookout for something to go above the hooks to balance out the wall.

All good reasons to keep going on this 31 day series of Working With What You Have!