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Day 7: The Seasonal Clothing Cycle and Keeping The Kid's Clothes Under Control!

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Yesterday, I promised to share how we deal with the storage and cycling of our seasonal clothes.  It's really a simple solution in the form of long shallow storage tubs.  Specifically these:

Since my boys are so close in age (15 months apart) we started using one of these under Jack's crib.  As soon as Sully outgrew something it went straight to the bin under Jack's bed so it would be available for the next season.

We are also incredibly blessed to receive a ton of hand-me-downs for both Sully and Mia.  So, we acquired two more bins to hold any clothes we receive in the next size up and for the next season.  They are the perfect size to slip right under the bed.

As we are given new clothes for the kids, they go straight into the bins if they can't be worn right away.  If things are getting tight (usually when we are storing the cold weather clothes), I'll pull out the puffy jackets and bulky sweatshirts and store them all in one bin in the garage.

The bins worked so well at storing the kids' clothes and making room in their closets, that the hubs and I decided to do the same for us.  I had one extra bin but needed a bin for each of us (especially since our clothes are larger than the kids). 

I looked around the house and found the exact same bin in our office attempting to contain all our gift wrapping supplies.  It was about to burst, so I stole it for our clothes and now have a new organizing project to tackle - better gift wrap storage! 

Now James and I each have a bin to store out of season clothes under our respective sides of the bed. It really preserves our clothes, frees up valuable space in our closets, and is like opening a box of new outfit possibilities whenever we do our seasonal swap out!

And on that note, we typically transition from summer to fall/winter clothing in early October, and then bring out the tubs again in either Apr or May for heading back into warmer weather.  Whenever we do this we also take the opportunity to purge, pulling out anything we didn't wear that season or things that are now too worn/shrunk/etc.  They go straight into the donation pile and never see the bin.

To keep the kids clothes from getting out of hand we try to stick to the "10 pieces" rule.  We keep no more than 10 pants, 10 long-sleeved shirts, 10 short sleeve shirts, 10 skirts/dresses, 10 pairs of undies, 10 socks, etc. for each child.  We usually have 1 heavy coat for each bambino and 1-2 light jackets.  I try to keep sweatshirts at 2-3, dress shirts around 5-6, and in the summer we do 4-5 pairs of shorts. 

We do something similar with the summer the boys each have 1 pair of closed-toed tennis/play shoes, a pair of water shoes and a pair of sandals/flip flops. Mia has the same with the addition of 1 pair of dressy sandals/shoes for church and special occassions.  In the winter, the sandals are swapped out for boots and some sort of cute slip-on's for Mia.  At this young age, the kids are going through shoes so quickly that having more than this proved to be a waste for us. 

Of course, every once in awhile there is something I just can't resist (usually some cute girly thing for Mia), but sticking to this for the most part ensures we have enough and also keeps us from hanging onto more than we need.  We pass anything extra on to other friends with young kiddos or to organizations that help families in need.  You can see how we deal with the clothes the kids outgrow in mid-season here.

So how do you keep your closets from bursting at the seams?  Do you store your off-season clothing in another location?  I would love to hear your tips!

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