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Day 5: Fall Decor Panic

Deme CrinionComment
When I first decided the theme of this 31 Day series would be "Working With What You Have", and that it would include a home/project/clothes spending freeze to keep me playing by the rules, my first panicked thought was "What about decorating for fall?!?!".

I had dusted off our bin of fall decorations a couple weeks ago and was so delighted to see my favorite pumpkins again (my mom snagged a couple on clearance from Pier 1 Imports and a couple more from a little shop up in the mountains). 

Since the fireplace is in the man cave, I like to use the top of our piano as my "seasonal mantle".  It's also out of kid reach, so my special pumpkin friends usually end up there.

I got the pumpkins set and sort of placed my other fall things around the living room.  It felt like there were a lot of gaps, so I planned to either make or shop for some new seasonal fillers to complete the space.....then I put myself on that darn shopping freeze. 

Time to get creative and stop throwing a pity party.  I wanted something with height on the right side of the piano to balance out the height of the globe.  I found a vase that used to hold some potpouri...not really my thing anymore and sort of pointless in a vase with a lid.  If you're going for fragrance anyway. 

Lately the evenings here have been lovely, the weather just perfect. We've been eating dinner out on the patio and going for "nature walks" in our neighborhood after our meal.  The kids each take a bag and can fill it with any non-trash treasures they find along the way.  We've acquired a ridiculous number of pine cones and since they are one of my favorite natural elements to use in seasonal decor, they were chosen as our lucky vase filler. 

The long blond branches are actually our blessed palm leaves from Palm Sunday.  We keep them out throughout the year and they added another natural and meaningful element to this "mantle".

I'm still not sure if I'll stick with the all neutral look or end up adding a few more pops of vibrant fall color.  

For now, I'm just happy to have a fall mantle of sorts!

I'm going to brave my office/craft closet this weekend and take inventory of my supplies.  I'm hoping to find a little crafting motivation for some DIY fall decor as I do!

How are you decorating for fall?  Do you like bringing rich colors into your space or embrace the simple beauty of a neutral and natural theme?

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