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Day 4: Mouse Pad Update

Deme Crinion3 Comments
99% of the time, I work on our laptop and the Coach works on our desktop.  I love the laptop but sometimes my hand starts to hurt after using the mouse pad for an extended period of time.  A couple weeks ago I finally picked up wireless mouse.  Normally I would be giddy to go shopping for a super cute mouse pad to accompany it, but since I'm in the midst of this 31 Days of Working With What You Have, it was time to do just that.  I figured if I couldn't come up with a free solution then I would just have to wait until next month for that purchase.

Luckily, we had a generic maroon mouse pad in our office, so I went to my fabric stash to find her a new outfit.  I had a large scrap of pillow case material left over from another pillow cover was a small graphic print and one of my favorite colors.  Done!

I scooped up my scissors, a pen, my trusty can of spray adhesive and got to work.

I started by placing the fabric face down on the table and then traced the outline of the mouse pad.  I cut that out leaving about 1/2 inch extra material on all sides.

I didn't grab a pic of this next step but I then placed the mouse pad face up on a piece of packing paper and applied the spray adhesive to the top (colored part) of the mouse pad...not the fabric.

I took the mouse pad over to the fabric that was still face down, and placed the sticky face down on the back of the fabric using my traced outline as a guide.   Then I flipped it over and smoothed out any wrinkles.

Originally I planned to glue those excess edges under the pad, like this one here from Make It And Love It.  If you want the sides of the mouse pad to be covered, this is a good way to go. But I noticed my (very dirty) rotary cutter sitting nearby and decided to just trim off the edges instead.

All done!

 I took her right over to my desk and love the subtle touch of color she adds to my workspace.

And I love that my hand no longer feels arthritic after a long work session at the computer.  Not bad for a quick project using things we had around the house!

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