House For Six

Day 30: Reusing Costumes

Deme Crinion3 Comments
As much as I've been tempted to buy some new cute costumes for the kids, reality is, they are expensive.   The costumes my kiddos wore last year were a little big, which means they actually fit great now.  So, my Sully will be Sully Monster from Monsters Inc for one more year.  It's this costume from Old Navy: 


Everything is right except for the one eye - Sully Monster actually has two.  But who's counting eyeballs. 

Mia was a strawberry last year (also a costume from Old Navy):

It was also a bit large, so she could easily rock that berry sweetness again this year.....OR she could be one of the many princesses from her dress-up bin.  Sleeping Beauty has been the at the top of the costume discussion, so I have a feeling it will be a Princess with Monster in tow.

And what about the baby...well, there is no way that big boy will fit his infant dinosaur costume from last year.  Since we decided to save money and just reuse costumes we already own for the big two, I picked up a lot of lime green felt and some smaller pieces in different colors to make a costume for Jack.

Any guesses?  Hint: he'll be a trusty little sidekick for his big bro.....IF I can pull it off in time!

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!  And to any of you that live in the wake of Sandy or have loved ones that do, our prayers for safety, provision and hope are with you.