House For Six

Day 3: Instruments As Art

Deme Crinion6 Comments
I knew the garage would be one of the places I could find useful stashed away goodies.  So, as I thought about looking for old/forgotten things I could put to use around the house, the garage was my first stop. 

While digging through our tool bin I found this:
Years ago I purchased three of these when we planned to hang the hubs' guitars up in our old house.  Mmmmm....never happened.

But it turned out to be quite the handy purchase for this house too!  Our living room is also a music room of sorts.  My childhood piano is in there and all the kids' instruments are in a large basket under one of the end tables.  I've been on the fence about how to address the blank walls flanking the pics, art, display shelves...I couldn't decide.

Finding that guitar mount gave me a different idea altogether.  James' guitar is now hanging in the same room as the rest of our instruments!  It's readily available for him to pick up and play, and it doubles as personal "art" for our space.  

It was a totally free update, and one that will hopefully encourage us to bring music into our home more often!

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