House For Six

Day 29: Mom's Drop Zone

Deme Crinion5 Comments
I may have shared a pic once before of this 3 ft span of wall to the right of our fridge.  It's a small, unused area of wall space as you walk into the kitchen from the laundry room.  You also enter into the house from the garage through this area.  

We've tossed around a bunch of ideas for how to make good use of this unused space, to include additional storage for the kid's play/crafting stuff.  But the space is narrow and since we ended up moving the play food cabinet to another wall, I now have a new plan.....  

 I'm being completely selfish here, and creating a space for myself!  But since it will help keep my things from ending up in random places around the house, I think my family will appreciate it too!

 This piece of wood in the corner is actually part of the old kitchen chair rail.

I had James cut it down to fit the space from the corner to the fridge. 
Tomorrow the rail gets a coat of fresh paint and the wall will be primed and painted too.  I'm planning on mounting 3-4 knobs onto the rail where I can hang my purse, the diaper bag, a coat and scarf or other accessories. 

This pink glass knob is actually an extra curtain finial.  We used the other as a spot for our daughter to hang her daily outfit, and I've just been waiting for a place to use the other one.  Since this spot is just for me, I'm going with the pink, baby!  

So, the paint, the rail, and the first knob are all things that we already have on hand - the perfect project for this "Working With What You Have" series.  I'll be able to pick up a couple more knobs when my spending freeze lifts here in a couple days!  Just in time for the paint to cure and us to mount the rail.  :)