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Day 28: A Dining Room Scheme & Fabrics!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Thanks to some Pinterest inspiration and your great feedback, I'm super excited about the direction we've decided to go with our dining room! 

We needed to work with the dark chocolate brown walls we've already painted and needed a color scheme that would work with the adjacent living room and kitchen.

I was inspired by The Nester's master bedroom ......I love the mix of neutrals with that pop of pink color.

I wanted to apply the same idea to our dining room - build a backdrop of grey and brown neutrals with a pop of color that would work with the living room and kitchen. 

So, I went to Pinterest for some color inspiration.  You can see the post with my top four color scheme choices here, but based on your feedback this was the clear favorite:

Then I saw this dining room from At Home In Arkansas.  Those tealy blues had me swooning....especially those two wing back chairs.

And that settled it.  A neutral room with blue/green accents.  To stay in the spirit of this 31 day "Working With What You Have" series, I went to my supply of fabrics with our new color scheme in mind.  And what goodness I found!

I apologize for the lighting - I took this at night because I was too excited to wait until morning to share pics.  I had picked up these fabrics for various projects over the past year but the one on the back of the chair is what really jumped out to me.
I had plans for it in our master bedroom before we switched to a new color palette, and have been tempted to just give it away on several occassions.  I love the color and pattern (and the fact that it's stain resistant!) but it just didn't work with any of the other projects I was juggling.  Until now! 

I love that there's some brown tones along with the teal (there's more green to the color than it reads here).  It's going to either be accent pillows for the captains chairs that sit in the corners, a table runner, or maybe even cover the backs of the side chairs or all of the captains chairs. 

With this fabric as our jumping off point and our inspiration photos in mind, I looked through my other fabrics and was pleased to find several others that could work in the room.

And let's not forget about the ginormous built-in hutch....

She's definitely going white with a blue-green accent color for the back panel.  I'm still undecided on using paint/stencil or fabric to bring in that pop of color to the hutch, but am really excited to pull this design together!  We already have new flooring sitting in the garage and a new light fixture still in the box (both purchased this summer). A new mood board is definitely in the works!

Thank so much for your encouragement with the color and hutch! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!