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Day 26: Enjoying Your City: Balloon Fiesta!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Last week I posted just a couple of pics from our trip to the annual Balloon Fiesta.  My computer was down so I only had a handful of pictures to share.

My laptop is up and running again, so you can find more pics than you probably want of the Balloon Fiesta over at our Family Blog.

I'll share just a few of our favorites here.

First, the bambinos - who were just giddy and goofy over all the excitement.

I'm not sure what's up with this face, but he was doing it all morning.

It really was a great morning for our whole family!

We each seemed to have our own favorite when it came to the balloons and there were some that were almost too incredible to wrap your mind around...

Greeted by Darth Vader as we entered the gates

 Noah's Ark inflating amongst the sea of balloons

A giant ice cream cone.  I mean, it's ice cream...who wouldn't love it.

A lion

Spider Pig, of course.

These three bees are always fun - they travel from Ireland each year and the three balloons always launch together.

The usually separate quickly but these two floated off holding hands for quite awhile.

And finally this guy, who was my personal favorite.  I loved how it looked like he was playing with the cars as we drove by.

Sometimes we can be quick to complain about all our city doesn't have.  But it's week's like this that make me grateful for what our city does have - something totally unique and that we look forward to all year!  I'm making more of an effort to "Work With What I Have" here in our city and take advantage of what only Albuquerque can offer.

How about you? What's special about your city?  What do you look forward to all year long that you can't find anyplace else?