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Day 24: Winterize The Car - The Plan

Deme CrinionComment
The title of this post is almost comical for me.  I grew up on the California coast where snow meant a few hours in the car driving up to the mountains. And I now live in the desert.  We are mile high at 5,000 ft here in ABQ, so we do see snow but it's a sure bet that whatever snow falls will melt away within a day or two.

The Mr. on the other hand, grew up in Indiana and went to school in South Bend - the man knows how to shovel out a car buried in snow.

Snow or not, the temps are dropping and November is almost here (what?!).  So, it's time to think about getting ready for the impending cold of winter.  Specifically, the car!

The goal.........

-Be prepared in the event of a roadside emergency in the current season
-Be able to address accidents/spills/oops while we are out and about
-Take precautionary measures to avoid cold weather related car issues
-Organize everything we need to have in the car so it's easy to access, easy to maintain, and less of a mess


I started with google and looked up a bunch of articles on winterizing your car.  After reading through a few, I sat down with a pen and paper to come up with a list that worked best for our family.

It was clear to see the #1 items that were repeated in each article:
*jumper cables
*first aid kit
*spare tire & tools to change 
*tire gauge
*flashlight + batteries
*extra windshield wipers and extra washer fluid
*ice scraper
*extra gloves
*warm blanket
*water bottles
*change of clothes

And for you daily driveway scraping folks...
*small shovel
*road salt
*tire chains

I included a few good tips I've heard mentioned before:
*old cell phone (charged) - can be used to call 911 or 999 even if not in service
*duct tape
*high energy snacks & hard candies

And incorporated some ideas from our own experience:
*travel potty seat
*plastic bags
*waterproof travel blanket
*hand warmers
*sunscreen - even in winter!

This was a great project for this "Work With What You Have" series since after making my list I realized that I already had most of the things we would need.  AND I grabbed this trunk organizer from Target last Christmas.  Don't you love all those great stocking stuffer/gift ready items they bring in during the holidays?

This was only $9.99 and I love it for the compartments to keep things from becoming a big jumble and especially for the Velcro strips on the bottom that keep it from sliding around

I also love the extra storage in those mesh pockets on the outside...

 And these closed pockets on the side. 
It will definitely be a space saver and help to keep all those essential items from taking over the entire trunk/car. 

I'll be back tomorrow with our fully loaded trunk and a tour of the rest of our reorganized and winterized car!