House For Six

Day 23: Curls

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Time to fess up.   I was born with a curly mop.  Actually, I was bald until age 2, but when my hair finally started to grow it didn't stop.  Thick. Curly.  Huge. 

As the saying goes...we always seem to want what we don't have.  Us with frizzy curly tresses long for smooth, straight locks.  And those with limp straight-as-a-pin strands yearn for any semblance of a wave or curl.   I am guilty.

I do like my wave/curls.  I wear it like this throughout the summer - I simply can't bring myself to bust out the hair dryer and hot irons in the middle of the desert heat.  But these half wave-half curls are hard to tame.  They can frizz up on command and also go flat if I pull my hair back at all during the day.  I can usually get a couple days of wear when it's straight but that's definitely not the case when I wear it like this.

I have a pretty good hair straightening routine down that only takes me about 15-20 min (5-7 min to blown it all dry but not totally straight, and another 10 min to "straighten" it by sections with a large barrel curling iron).

Today I had 30 min after I got out of the shower before we had to be out the door.  Mia and Sully were at school, so I just had Jack with me.  He was content with his snack, so I probably could have straightened it (which I prefer - it's just behaves better that way :)).  But in the spirit of "Working With What You Have", I decided to just work with these curls, instead of working to create a look that I don't naturally have, and spent those minutes reading with my little man before we had to go.

I still prefer it smooth but need to embrace the curl more often.  Especially on those days that it cramps our family time or routine to get it un-curly.

The other reason is her:
I want to be careful that I send her the right message about where her true beauty lies. That each of us is created uniquely and perfectly just as we are.  That whatever we do as part of our "get ready" routine should be to enhance our natural beauty and not to change what's been given to us.  Something I need to remind myself from time to time too :)

I know this is a bit of a departure from the usual house project or closet/wardrobe focus, but hey...I suppose there are a lot of ways we can work with what we have! 

Anyone else fighting a battle with their born-with locks?