House For Six

Day 22: Coffee Beans and Candles

Deme Crinion5 Comments
When I started rummaging through my office closet for this series a couple weeks ago, the first little nugget of gold I discovered was a long candle holder.  It was something we picked up from Costco several years ago, but the last time I used it was 9 months ago at Christmas when we filled the base with shiny bulb ornaments.

I had moved it to the office until I could come up with a year-round filler for the base or until the next holiday.  And there is sat for 9 long months.  It's such a versatile piece, and since our dining table is bare I thought it was the perfect "Work With What You Have" candidate.  But what to do with it without buying anything new?

Then I remembered one of the fall pins from Pinterest that I couldn't help but drool over.  It's basically coffee beans plus a vanilla candle for a reported heavenly aroma.  As a coffee and vanilla lover, I was swooning at the thought!

This next part was simply God's gift to his coffee-loving child.....I already had vanilla candles (they are one of my favorite basic candle scents) but I needed whole coffee beans.  The last time we were at Costco I picked up two bags of our favorite local coffee - High Desert Roasters Perfect Pinon Passion.  My parents were visiting from out of state and I planned to send a bag home with them.  But I forgot to grind one of the bags while we were at the store. 

Let me see if I can put into words how amazing this little mistake was....not only did forgetting to grind the beans, mean that I had an extra bag of whole coffee beans just sitting around, but they were PINON coffee beans.  These beans give the coffee a taste of toasty pinon nuts, which is almost like a nutty chocolate flavor.  "Nutty-chocolate-coffee" + vanilla.  I think I love that equation.  

I took my head out of my chocolate/vanilla/coffee cloud for a moment to brainstorm a filler idea for the base.  The leaves on these two bushes in our backyard are right in the middle of turning colors.  They have a bit of green and orange to them and the small leaves were the right scale.

A few snips later and I had plenty of natural filler for this candle holder.

But first those filthy glass holders needed a serious cleaning. 

While they dried, I used the very technical method of randomly shoving the branches into place.  It just took a few little trims to achieve an even fill all around.

A little soap and water and the glasses looked brand new!

I measured 1 heaping cup of coffee beans for each glass to ensure an even amount.

Some little helpers placed the candles..

...and we were done!

Then it was time for the real test - was that heavenly aroma just wishful thinking?

Oh no.  It completely lived up to the hype.  I think Sully might just try to eat it.

My house smells insanely wonderful.  I normally work best at my desk, but I had to make myself a real cup of pinon coffee with my favorite vanilla creamer as I typed this post at the table.

Anyone else tried this super simple but amazing fall idea?  Why, oh why did it take me so long?!?!