House For Six

Day 21: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Deme Crinion3 Comments
As stores were transitioning out their summer clothes to make room for the new fall collections, I grabbed a few summer steals from the clearance sales.  Long maxi's are a summer favorite of mine - so easy for effortless style, breezy, super comfy, and flattering to so many body types.  I found this color blocked number for just $8.99!  It was at the end of the season, so I didn't get to wear it during the summer months but that doesn't mean it has to collect dust until next year.

Even though fall has arrived, it's still fairly warm in the 70's here in the desert.  So, I paired this dress with a lightweight cropped jean jacket that works great in this transitional weather.

I had to go with my leopard flats with this....they are so comfy and my favorite fall shoe right now.

A few navy and gold accessories finished it off...

The hooligans were playing outside and couldn't resist getting in on the picture action...

My little hams :)

As much as I've been tempted to go out and buy a couple of fall lovelies, I've found that with a little creativity, I can stretch some of my favorite summer staples well into fall and beyond.  As we really move into colder weather, I can wear this same dress by swapping out the flats for tights and boots, the light jean jacket for a chunky sweater or warmer coat, and adding a cozy scarf.

How are you stretching you wardrobe into fall?  Do you wear your clothes year round or keep them in their designated season? 

Hope you all are enjoying a great weekend!