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Day 2: Paint For The Bathroom

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I'm sure it's no surprise that one thing we do not have a shortage of around here is paint. I shared here about how we're taking a different direction with the laundry room wall color now that we've finished our breakfast nook.  I plan to carry one of the darker shades of grey from our ombre wall into the laundry room.

But there's another little space in that whole laundry/pantry/mudroom area that I haven't shared yet - a small 1/2 bath.  It's a special one with an orange counter top, a southwest wallpaper border, a handicap rail, full size towel bars, and a phone know, just in case. 

Recently, we noticed the base of the toilet was leaking water and knew the seal probably needed to be replaced.  Since my toe nail incident left my monster weekend to-do list with my parents out of the question, they decided to help us with just one little area on their last day here.

These are normally the pictures I would keep to myself since the grossness factor may cause you to gag, but in the spirit of home improvement reality, this is what was under the toilet when my dad removed it.  God bless him.

They cleaned and scraped all that gunk and rust, then installed a nice new seal.  Jack just had to be up in it and was a good little "not allowed to touch" helper.

And when he wasn't, sometimes you just have to accept a small mess to get something else done.  A spatula and the water faucet were fine, wet entertainment.

While they were working on the toilet, my mom asked if I knew what color I wanted to paint so that we could paint the patch of wall behind the toilet while it was out.  She's a smart cookie, that one.  I had not decided on a paint color, but since I'm committing to work with what we have, I decided to go with the darkest grey on the ombre wall ("Granite Dust" by Valspar).  It's really not that dark and frankly, it was the only grey shade that I had in a gallon size.

So, taking all of 2 minutes, the wall color was decided.  And I love it!  This shade of grey-blue looks light as it goes up, then incredibly dark as it starts to dry and finally evens out at a mid-tone grey once the walls are completely covered and dried.  It ended up working really well with the amount of light in this tiny bathroom.  Not bad for a free paint job and a bit of a gamble with color!

My Dad and the hubs installed the new light fixture while they were at it...

And a hand towel bar.  With a few pajama clad helpers..

All the other bars and phone jack have been removed - we'll just have to yell for help in the case of a bathroom emergency instead of placing a phone call. We still have some holes to patch but the freshly painted walls are already giving this bathroom new life.  I have plans for the vanity/sink until we can replace it, an idea to frame out the mirror/medicine cabinet, and now I need to come up with some free accessories and art for the walls.

  Just another opportunity to get creative with the things he have around here!  

*So how about you....ever take a gamble with a paint color you had on hand?  Do you just go for it when it comes to choosing paint colors, or mull over it for days/weeks/months?