House For Six

Day 19: Grey & Yellow

Deme Crinion1 Comment
Some of the things I knew I would find in my office during this Working With What You Have series, were a lot of grey and yellow.  For a few months I thought we might go with grey/yellow/white in our master bedroom.  So much so, that I started buying fabric....fabric for bed pillows, fabric to use as photo mats, fabric that just caught my eye. 

As much as I still love that color scheme, it just didn't feel cohesive with the rest of the house, and I kept coming back to the blue and white room I first envisioned

We already re-purposed a yellow ottoman as a seat for our daughter's vanity, but I'm still left with a lot of grey and yellow fabric that I'm not sure how to address. 

Make it work?  Or let it go and clear up some room in my office?  I always convince myself that I will save fabric I can't use in my home but that I love (like that Waverly Bedazzle in "silver lining" on the bolt) for a sewing project I could give as a a nursing wrap or burp cloths for a new mom, a hand bag for a birthday gift, festive napkins or table runner.  And it just never happens. 

Sometimes, parting ways is the right choice.  I'm going to either give away or swap the two fabrics on the right with a friend, and if I can't come up with a solid and doable project with the bolt of fabric then I will have to let that go too.

If I can't actually put it to use, then there's no sense keeping it....right?  Tell me I'm right, or I will become a fabric hoarder and my closet will continue to be out of control!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'm excited to share some completed DIY projects with you next week!