House For Six

Day 12: A Home For Hampers

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I have a closet.  An ugly closet.  It lives in my master bathroom and is intended for towels/linens.  But much more than towels have taken up residence in there....cosmetic supplies, workout clothes, nail polish, t-shirts, dirty was a confused mess.
The whole closet needs a good dose of organization and pretty, but it's going to happen in phases.  First up - the laundry situation.

As evident by the mountain of clothes, the laundry basket wasn't cutting it for two grown adults.  I actually  have 2 tall hampers I picked up from Target a long time ago.  But the problem was that low shelf just above the basket.  The hampers were about 8 inches taller than the height of the shelf and would not fit.

So, I grabbed a hammer.   

A few pounds on the bottom of the shelf upward and we are now one less shelf!

And the two hampers fit perfectly!  The one on the left is for darks and the right side holds lights. There's plenty of clearance on top to throw clothes in and pull clothes out.
Which might be my favorite feature of these....the mesh bags pull out and have handles for easy transport to the laundry room.  And we're able to leave the hamper in place to collect any dirty clothes that accumulate while we're washing the dirties.

For now we're using a couple of extra green Itso bins and baskets to help keep the shelves from becoming totally out of control, but there is much more to do in here.  We plan to paint the walls (maybe even do a stencil treatment), line the shelves, organize the contents, and of course patch the areas left from the old shelf.  For now we are enjoying a much more efficient and adequate laundry system!