House For Six

Day 11: A Confession

Deme Crinion5 Comments
At day 11 in this 31 day series on Working With What You Have, I already need to confess.  The intent of this series was to put myself on a project spending freeze in order to force myself to work with the many project supplies I already own.  I'm actually on track here; although, I did buy an extension cord today.  But in my book, it was out of necessity:)

The same idea was to be applied to my wardrobe.  I put myself on a spending freeze so that I would be forced to use a little creativity in stretching my closet and putting together outfits with the clothes.  So, no new clothes for myself for 31 days. 

This area has been much harder.  I think it's largely because we are changing over to cooler weather, and the seasonal purge I do of my closet has left some holes.  But living with these "gaps" for the 31 days is helping me to realize what items I really do need and which ones will give me the most bang for my buck.

But my confession is not even about sweaters or's about shoes.  I ended up returning a pair of shoes to Marshall's that I bought before I started the series, but I received a store credit instead of cash.  Yay and Ugh! This meant I could go shopping....right?  Marshall's doesn't carry groceries or other necessities.  So, first I tried to think of something I really needed.  Socks.  Check.  But that still left a decent balance on my gift card.

And then I caved to the lure of the shoe department.  I've been keeping my eye out for a pair of nude heels.  I don't have any closed toe heels and wanted to invest in a really versatile pair.  Well, the nude pair was way over my budget, but these lovelies were closer...

They also happen to be quite comfortable, so I went for it.  After all was totaled between the 3-pack of socks and the shoes, I had to pay $15.00 out of pocket after the gift card.  I know it's really not that much but I'm still feeling a little guilt.  They also aren't the nude color I wanted but are definitely a neutral that would work with a lot.  I'll have to think about it for a few more days and see if buyer's remorse drives me back or if I settle on them being a good investment to the wardrobe.....just 20 days sooner than they should have been :)

Anyone else get sucked in by shoes?  Or what it is that draws you in like the world's largest magnet?