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Balloon Fiesta 2012!

Deme Crinion4 Comments
It was early and it was cold, but as always, the annual Balloon Fiesta was totally worth it! 

We got the kids up at 5:45am and were out the door by 6:15am.  It was in the 40's before the sun came up but warmed to 70 by later in the day.  We went on the last day of the balloon fiesta and are so glad we caught the last mass ascension launch of the week on such a beautiful morning.

As soon as we walked through the gates, Darth was taking off!  (This one's for you, Evan!)

The early wake up call didn't phase these sweeties....too much anticipation and excitement!

Sully received the "Madagascar" movies as a birthday gift (which all the kids love), so they were most excited about the "Marty" balloon!  Who never really turned around so we could see his face...but I was able to grab a roadside pic of him earlier in the week (scroll down).  

Jack was in awe of each one...

Then had to talk about each one...

And then proceeded to give us this face for the remainder of the morning...

This one's excitement took the form of extreme goofiness :)

The boys wanted a better view and poor Daddy's arms were jello by the end. 

Yes, that is a mustache he's sporting.  No, I don't want to talk about it.

Can you spot Noah's Ark?

Her she is blowing up

We were standing close to this black spiky balloon and I could not figure out what it was....

....until he finally turned around

After the "Marty" balloon, "Spider Pig" here was a close second for the kids' favorite.

These three bees are always fun too - they travel from Ireland each year and the three balloons always launch together.

The usually separate quickly but these two floated off holding hands for quite awhile.

Did I mention, she was a little goofy that morning.

Those brown eyes...seriously.

Jack, please don't turn around and see the giant ice cream just behind us.  It's better for everyone.

Our beautiful girl - all smiles and getting so big.

Sometimes a bunch of colorful balloons just make you want to dance.

A few more shots from the day...

This big guy was inflating as we were leaving the park in search of hot breakfast and a warm place to sit down. 

He caught up with us on our way to Wecks :)  

Earlier in the week, we watched some of the special shape rodeo from our car before school.  We packed up some hot cocoa & muffins to munch on while we watched the balloons from a nearby parking lot.

All this one wanted to do was drive the car.

 We did get to see the "Marty" balloon that morning but I couldn't get a clear pic of him.

There was also a flying paper bag.  Interesting.

A fire engine

And this guy, who I think was my favorite.  

Let's not forget the dragon

 And this guy was pretty cute too :)

Every year, Balloon Fiesta week feels like the kick-off to fall for me.  The weather cools down and there is just a different feel in the air.  I love that we get to enjoy such an amazing and unique experience in our own city each year.  We can't wait to see what new balloons will be flying next time around!  And I think this is an appropriate time to say that we love visitors ;)