House For Six

Weekend Docket

Deme CrinionComment
Happy Friday, Everyone!  

Another round of a bug/cold for my boys and some wet weather meant postponing a few painting and organizing projects this week.  So, this weekend we'll try to get caught up - on projects and rest!

I'm hoping to make significant progress on the kitchen cabinets and get the rest of the walls painted in there... 

We have a few shelves to hang in the boys' room....

We're going to push to paint and finish the kids' drop zone in our panty turned mudroom...

And since I'm sure we'll have gobs of time left over, I may start my tiny "Mom's Drop Zone" too. 

But all that will take second place to celebrating a certain little boy's 3 year birthday.  I might accomplish nothing more than eating cupcakes and playing pirates :)  We usually do our projects in the evening so we'll see where we end up on Monday!

Any big plans for your weekend?  Hope you all have a great one!