House For Six

Updated Home Tour and Mudroom Update

Deme CrinionComment
Has this felt like the longest week ever to anyone else?  I have no idea why it has dragged on for me, but at least we're having a cool, rainy day here in the NM desert!  I love when grey clouds roll in and I can forgo the afternoon iced coffee to sip on something warm.  Not that I don't love my iced coffee :)

For the past couple weeks I've been working on updating the "Our Home Tour" page on the blog.  For the first few months after this blog baby was born it simply read "Coming Soon!".  A month ago I updated it with our living spaces and have now added our bedroom and entry/hallway spaces too.

I still have our 2 1/2 bathroom spaces to share.  They're all in the "Before" stage, so you have plenty of shiny, themed wallpaper and outdated finishes to look forward to!  And mirrors.  Lots of ugly mirrors. 

Eventually, I'll add outdoor photos of the house and yard (we have muy plans for both!). And a floor plan diagram is in the works!

So, if you love a little house snooping, click on the "Our Home Tour" tab on the menu bar to check it out!

And while we're on the subject of updates, let's get up to speed on what's happening in our pantry turned mudroom/drop zone.  I promised you a big reveal and instead delivered you this "oops" picture of screws coming through the other side of a wall.

We were so close to having that little area done but while pondering (i.e. staring at the walls) how to resolve a few minor issues, I decided to make some more changes.  We actually painted this room shortly after moving in almost 2 years ago now.  At the time, we hadn't touched the kitchen or even had an idea of what we wanted to do in there.

Now that we've finished up the breakfast nook and are wrapping up the rest of the kitchen update, the bright green walls just weren't working.  Fortunately, there are a lot of blue/greys in the bench fabric, so we decided to take it that direction.  These colors will work much better with the all the blue/grey we have going on in the kitchen.

And it will be a little more harmonious with the new cabinet redo that you see from the doorway.  I put up a sample of left over paint from our ombre striped wall in the nook.  This is the lightest shade (the top stripe).  It's still wet in the picture but I think I'll darken it up a bit with some of the other extra paint we have lying around. The grey walls will help tie in these two spaces together, much better than the bold green, and we can still have fun with pops of color.

Hopefully, I'll have a finished space to reveal next week and add to our ever changing Home Tour!