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Fabric Lined Glass Doors

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You may recall that I was debating one last update to our black cabinet re-purposing project. In case you missed it, we started with this cute black cabinet given to me by my mom.

 It used to hold books and office supplies in our guest room/office but we recently gave it the new job of corralling all our kids' play food. 

We used some fabric to spruce up the inside and even ended up with some extra space at the top (out of kiddo reach) for our baking basics.

I liked the glass doors because the kids could see all their play food goodies but it's also the first thing you see as you enter the kitchen from the garage and laundry room.  Even though it was a nice organized first sight, I though adding some of my favorite fabric to the back of the doors would give it a nice clean look and play off all the fabrics just across the way in our breakfast nook.

I started by measuring the glass insets from top to bottom and the full width of each door (basically disregarding the black cross bars).  I cut two panels to size and ironed them well.  I ironed the top edge down so there would be a clean edge when you opened the door. (I intended to do this on all sides of the panel but my cuts were very uneven.....hey, it happens when you have a 1 1/2 yr old "assisting".)

I tacked down that fold with hot glue (in between the fabric) and then used my hot glue gun to place glue on top of the fold in the center and corners.

And attached it to the top of the door inset.

I attached the rest by placing hot glue on the sides of each black plane, so that it would be easy to remove if I decide to change things up down the road.

Here she is with panels attached and the doors closed!  I really do love having the inside concealed! And knowing that it's just as pretty and organized on the inside makes it even better.  We obviously still need to paint the walls, but you can see a sample of it on the bottom there.  It's the darkest color in our ombre striped wall in the breakfast nook.  We'll carry that throughout the rest of the kitchen, hopefully making our new white cabinets pop.  You know, whenever I get around to actually finish making them white.  

I think Jack likes the covered doors even more.  He's a man of mischief this one, so a concealed spot that may have exciting treasures behind its doors is like a magnet to him. 

Him and Sully are still playing with all the kitchen play food as I write this.  :)

Let's get the before and after eh?



Much more soothing!

So what do you prefer - having your things in the open and visible or tucked away behind closed doors?  How else are you using fabric to give an average piece a boost?  I would love to hear what you've been up to!

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