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Fabric Appliqued Stogage Bins

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Yesterday, I shared our little girl's finished closet redo.  It started out a sad, chaotic space and is now a cheerful and organized extension of her room! We used three canvas bins from Land of Nod to help sort her outgrown clothes and today I wanted to show you how easy it was to add the fabric applique labels to the front.

First, I opened up a word doc and clicked to insert clip art.  I searched their inventory for "sun", "snowflake", and "necklace".  I was looking at the overall silhouette, not necessarily the colors or details.  I inserted my favorite shape (into one word doc a piece), and enlarged it to my desired size.  Then I just printed and cut them out. 

I chose three colorful fabrics from my stash, one for each shape.

I flipped the fabric over and used a regular ball point pen to trace the silhouette onto the fabric.

Then came the tedious job of cutting them out.  I started with hardest first, so I wouldn't lose my mojo halfway through.  So the necklace was first, then the snowflake and finally the sun.

Then I grabbed my can of spray adhesive and a few sheets of packing paper to protect the table surface from a sticky mess.  I used a fresh sheet of paper under each shape.

 I placed the shape upside down and evenly coated the back with the spray adhesive.

I made sure the shape was centered and then smoothed it onto the canvas surface.

I place the bin face down on the table and put a heavy book inside for a few minutes to help press the fabric to the bin.  Although, I don't know if it was necessary - that spray adhesive is pretty darn....adhesive.

I did the same thing with the other two bins, then up on the shelf they went!

It's a super easy way for us to temporarily hold those outgrown clothes in an organized way until we are ready to ship another box off to the cousins or until the next donation run.  Fall/winter clothes go in the snowflake bin, accessories/shoes go in the necklace bin, and spring/summer clothes go in the sun bin.  Even Mia can help with the sorting, so we'll call this one a success!

*So who else is playing with spray adhesive?  What kind of labels or storage do you use to help keep things from becoming a jumble?