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Dressing Up The File Cabinet

Deme Crinion4 Comments
First I have to apologize - I looked through all of my photo folders and can't find the illusive before pic of this file cabinet.  Just imagine her all white with a few dings and the same hardware :)

I know.  First, I painted the off-white desk..white and now I'm painting the white file  All in the name of a cohesive room!

This white file cabinet (another craigslist find) would have been fine for our his/hers office in it's original state, but it did have some marks/scratches and with several other white elements in the room, I thought it would be a fun place to bring in a little color and interest.

I started out by giving her several thin coats of blue spray paint.  I used Valspar's Indigo Blue.  I love the deep blue color and we had a little left over from painting our son's bed several months ago.

I liked the look and was excited about having a bold color backdrop to make the silver handles to pop...but I wanted to have a little more fun. I saw a fabric on pinterest the other day that caught my eye:

Now, I'm no artist but I figured it was a basic enough graphic that I could try my hand at a little freestyle.  I sat on the floor with the open lap top next to me and sketched out a peacock feather using the fabric image as a guide. 

Again, apologies for awful was late at night, the lights were glaring and ceiling fan spinning.  You can see the faint sketch on the left side of the drawers.

Since the kids were sleeping I borrowed some paint from their art stash. 

I began painting from the center out.

And ended up with this.

I wasn't totally sold but decided to check it out with the handles in place.

I'm still not totally sold.  I definitely like the graphic element it adds.  But my feathers are less than even and it might look like a kid tried tracing it.  Then, sometimes I catch a glimpse of it while working in the office and love it.

I used a washable paint, so I can easily remove it.  And if I decide to keep it, I'll just go over it with a more permanent option.

So what's your vote?  Does the feather make the piece or make it look like an after thought? We can be honest here ;)

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