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Birthday Roundup!

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How has so much time passed!?!   Summer came and went, the kids are in school, football is in full swing and we now have a 5 yr old daughter and a 3yr old little man!  Just call us old ;)

Sept 6th was a certain princess' birthday.  We hung all the pink balloons we could wrangle in her doorway the night before, so she would have a special birthday greeting in the morning.  In true Mia fashion, she opened the door and said, "Hey, who put these here?" Always the planner, always needing to know.  Then she squealed and jumped through them. 

We had special birthday pancakes (made from a box cake mix) for breakfast.  After school, Mia chose McDonalds for lunch.  We brought it home and the kids had a picnic in the family room while they watched Mia's pick of a show.  After quiet time, we made a dinner of mac n cheese, hot dogs, carrots and cornbread, per her request.  And then opened gifts and enjoyed a yummy cake (which I failed to get a picture of). 

Our incredibly thoughtful and generous family/friends had sent packages all throughout the past weeks.  We stashed all the boxes in our room until her big day, so she was very surprised when we wheeled out this cart.

She was completely meticulous in opening her gifts, not wanting to rip the paper so she could "save it for later".

And this was her genuine response to every single thing, small and large:
Since her birthday was on a weekday, we had a special "girl trip" that Sunday.  James went to Mass early, so that Mia and I could go by ourselves later.  After church, we went to our favorite cafe (Flying Star) for a yummy lunch and then headed to another favorite spot (Target), where we grabbed a sweet treat from Starbucks and Mia was able to shop with her birthday gift cards.

The following weekend we celebrated Sully's big 3-yr birthday!   We enjoyed another round of birthday pancakes.  This time with blue sprinkles of course.  We also stashed his birthday packages that arrived in the mail the week prior and he was much less particular about getting them open :)  The kids all enjoyed playing with their new toys and then we went out to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.   

Sully's dinner request also included mac n cheese with hotdogs, but with cinnamon toast and broccoli as sides.  It was a beautiful day, so James grilled up the hotdogs and we ate outside.  While he grilled there was a lot of digging happening....

I'm not sure how she managed to commandeer this without them caring.  Must have been the lure of the dirt.

I'm mean really.  Boys playing in mud.  That's like a birthday gift in and of itself for a little man.

I'm pretty sure he's screaming, "I LOVE DIRT!!!"

And now, please enjoy the many faces of Sully....

 We went with sugar cookies instead of cake for this one.  He helped cut out the shapes and was thrilled to see the letters in his name.

Make a big 3-yr old wish, Buddy!
We hope you had a great day!  We love your joyful, goofy, sweet, larger than life personality and our family would not be complete without you!

And you, sweet girl.  Our family would also be lacking without your loving, thoughtful, silly, insightful and tender spirit.  

Happy Birthday, Bambinos!  You make our lives so full and sweet!!!