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A New Sewing Cart: Thank you, IKEA!

Deme Crinion7 Comments
A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Andrea trucked the 6 hr drive to Denver all in the name of IKEA.  It's the closet one to us here in NM and she offered to take a list for me.  I owe her something a spot in my will, first born child, or a really big hug.

The first thing out of the box and ready for action was this RASKOG Kitchen Cart in grey.
I've been drooling over this baby for awhile and Andrea managed to grab the last box in the store!  She knew how excited I was about it, so I sincerely hope that no elderly patrons or innocent children were harmed in the acquisition of that box.

I tell ya, the sky is the limit with this beauty.  Of course, it would be fantastic in it's intended space as a baking cart or place to store kitchen/dining linens.  But it would also be totally fab as storage in a laundry room....or a portable gift wrapping station.....or an arts/crafts cart......or homework station...or even in a bathroom to store rolled towels and bath salts.

Mine was destined for our guest room turned his/hers office.  My original plan was to add a narrow sewing table on the wall adjacent to my work desk, creating an L-shaped work area.

Jack thought it was a great idea.

The problem was that keeping my desk centered under the window would only allow for a 14" deep desk on the adjacent wall.  That's pretty narrow, even for sewing.   I didn't want to have the table totally up against the wall either so that fabric for larger sewing projects wouldn't get bunched up......which would shrink the workspace even more.

Then I realized that even if I could squeeze in a teensy-weensy sewing table, I would still need to take my cutting mat out to the dining room or kitchen for a large enough cutting surface.  That sealed the deal - time for a new plan!  And a new cart!

The RASKOG was the perfect solution for my sewing dilemma!  The biggest selling point (aside from the fact that I love her look!) was the wheels.  A quick check of the measurements confirmed that my sewing machine would fit perfectly on top and the two shelves below had ample room for my sewing box, storage jars and fabric.   I could keep everything I need to knock out a sewing project in one spot (on the wall next to my desk) and easily roll it out to the dining room for the cutting and sewing. 

All my fabric will be stored in the office closet right next to the cart.  I can easily grab what I need for a specific project, throw it on the bottom of the cart and be ready to go!

My friend Andrea came through yet again, by letting me borrow her Silhouette machine to cut out some word decals to dress the cart up a bit.

To apply them to the cart I first measured the height of the font. Hard to see the outline of the cuts here but my font was 1 inch.

Then I measured the face of the shelf, so that I could center my words.  With a 3 inch face and 1 inch font, that left 1 inch of space on the top and 1 inch on the bottom.

Since my masking tape was 1" wide, I just placed a strip along the bottom edge and lined my letters up using the top edge as a guide.


For the longer words, I placed the middle letter(s) first and then worked my way out.

Time to fill her up!  Ready for the big reveal??  Here it is!


 At first I assumed my measurements must have been off, but they were correct.  I just didn't account for this:
 It was literally about 1/2" off.  Time to adjust.  Again.

And here's where we ended up.

The top shelf has my sewing basket and foot pedal for the sewing machine.

The middle shelf has a jar with my thread and another with scrap ribbon.  The pink box holds my hot glue gun, glue sticks and a craft knife.

The bottom shelf holds fabric or any supplies for whatever project I'm working on at the time.

So where did the sewing machine end up?   In the same place it was before - that basket to the right which belonged to my Grandmother.  It fits the machine perfectly and one of the issues I had before was that the pedal was always just squished in however I could fit it has a home in cart.

Even though I wasn't able to make the sewing machine fit, this cart still managed to solve some big sewing/crafting issues for me.  The supplies I use most often are in one portable place, ready to be wheeled out to the table whenever the sewing urge strikes.  I think I will be much more likely to knock out a quick project, knowing that my supplies are ready to go!

*Ever had a great plan that didn't work out the way you had hoped?  Did you end up with something even better in the end or just making do?  I would love to hear how other people have put this awesome cart to good use!