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A Little Girl's Closet

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Awhile back we shared our 5 yr old little girl's room reveal.  It was a monster post, so I decided to save the closet reveal for another day. 

I finally finished up the last project to help us manage the constant change over of clothes (post coming next week), so here's a long overdue look at this space!

But first, let's take a peak at what we started with...

This sad closet was begging for a better storage solution....things carelessly thrown on the top shelf....a pile of dirty laundry on the floor next to the dresser.....three bins attempting to control an out-of-control stock of dress-up clothes....and no doors. 
What did work was my childhood dresser that my parents had painted white, and I liked the separation of the hanging clothes.  That's about it.

I actually removed the closet doors because they were old and heavy, and more importantly, I could never access the middle of the closet or fully open some of the dresser drawers.  You can read about how we made these easy curtains to replace the doors here.  They're much more fun for a sweet little girl and much more practical for this closet.

 Open them up, and we now have a cheerful, organized space! 

We started by carrying the light pink wall color of the room into the closet.  The power of paint, I tell ya!  They we got to organizing...The left side of the closet now stores all of Mia's dresses.  James' mom snagged these slim velvet hangers from Home Goods for all the kids' hanging clothes.  Mia's are pink, Sully's blue, and Jack's green.

On the floor to the left of the dresser is a storage bin from Land of Nod that acts a hamper.  (We used some of Mia's Christmas money towards all the canvas storage bins in this closet, all from Land of Nod's "I think I can" storage collection).

All Mia's doll house figurines and furniture are stored on the shelf above.

On the other side of the dresser, is the another of the same bin we used for Mia's hamper.  This one holds all the kids' stuffed animals (that they don't keep in their beds).  This keeps our stuffed animal collection from getting out of hand.  Once they can't fit the bin, then it's time for some to go.

Above that are Mia's jackets and sweaters.   The large box on the top shelf is from Hobby Lobby and is for Mia's keepsakes.  The music box with her picture holds special cards from her baptism day.

We also snagged three square canvas bins from the "I think I Can" storage collection (you can check out how we added the fabric applique to the fronts here!).  They are much more durable than the fabric bins we had before, which were fairly crunch-prone.  When Mia outgrows clothes we send them to her younger cousins.  So, as we find clothes that no longer fit we toss them up into the bins - fall/winter clothes into the snowflake bin, accessories/shoes into the necklace bin, and spring/summer clothes into the sun bin.  Once they are full, I box them up and ship them off. 

That large bin on top of the dresser might be my favorite storage purchase.  It's the light green mega sorter and has three deep would be a great laundry sorter for kids, or in our case, perfect for organizing all those dress up clothes! Costumes/princess dresses are on the left, accessories in the middle, and ballet garb on the right.  I'm still thinking about something fun to do on the front :)

Overall, we are so happy with how easily we were able to organize this small space just by using the right storage pieces. And how much easier it is to maintain!

 One last time, shall we...



And that's a wrap.

I couldn't resist ;)

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