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100th Post & Some 'Manly' Things!

Deme Crinion1 Comment
This is officially my 100th blog post - WOW!  I can hardly believe how much this blog has blessed my life!  It's opened up a whole new community of encouragement and inspiration, brought along wonderful new friends, and given me an outlet to share three of my favorite things: writing, our home, and our family.  When you get to write about the stuff you love, you tend to have 100 more ideas floating around your head!

Every blogger knows how much weight every single comment, word of encouragement, and piece of feedback holds.  I'm so grateful for all of it and am excited to share this journey with all of you!

I must be feeling emotional today, because when my little man and I were driving home after dropping his big sis and big bro off at school, my 1 1/2 yr old pointed to that big sign with the red bulls-eye and shouted, "Tar! Tar!".  Well, who am I to squash that sweet boy's excitement?  So, we made a stop at our happy place and ended up coming home with these Threshold brand goodies for the man-cave!
I love the juxtaposition of the warm, natural leather(ish) and the cool grey/silvers.  We're using several metallics in this space (gold/silver/bronze) and multiple finishes (like the polished, shiny finish on the tray and the brushed finish on the ice bucket), so these will each add a unique touch.

I couldn't resist the wall-mounted bottle opener.  Hey, anything that let's your guests open beverages themselves and have a little fun doing it is a win!

 And this basket.  Oh my, this basket.  I have a mad crush on it.  I'm secretly wishing there were a version of it as a fabulous bag or purse for fall.  Nonetheless, it is quite the handsome storage tote and since I grabbed the larger size, it can function in so many different ways.  Right now, I'm thinking he'll be perfect for holding rolled up blankets on the hearth during the colder months.  But he could also hold magazines, James' notebooks for reviewing football film, towels for the bar, or even act as a grown-up looking storage piece for kid's books. 

These masculine goodies are getting me pumped up to finish this man-cave once and for all!  I kind of want it to be another surprise, but I'm not sure I can find enough covert time  to re-paint and dress the room.  And let's hope he doesn't read this post or the cat's out of the bag anyway!