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Weekend Docket - Paint Party!

Deme CrinionComment
It's been awhile since I've posted a weekend docket and since the blog has been pretty quiet this week as we settled into our first week of school, I figured I would share some of our weekend projects.  I'm sure it's no surprise, they all involve PAINT!

Do you ever get to a standstill in a project where you can't go much further without first completing something else?  That's where we are on about 3 different projects around here and they all need the painting done before we can move on to finish the rest.  So the paintbrushes and spray cans will be out in full force this weekend!

Here's the rundown......

-Kitchen walls and breakfast nook:  I primed the breakfast nook walls last night so they are ready for their treatment.  Here's a little clue for what's in store for them

-We're keeping the same eat-in-kitchen table and chairs we currently use, but we're bringing in an L-shaped bench for additional seating.  All are getting some sort of attention from paint too. 

-I have a bunch of frames and miscellaneous stuff that are getting a fresh coat of paint.  From a can that is.  I plan to line them all up and have myself a little spray painting line.

-Months ago we started working on an area in the house that would serve great function for us, particularly during the school year.  Well, school has arrived (even though I'm still in a bit of denial) and it's time to finish up the details.  Touch ups to some trim and chalkboard paint, will leave us ready to finish this space off and put it to work for us!

James is taking his football team on a big hike to the top of Sandia peak tomorrow....a crucible of sorts as they wrap up summer training and head into their season.  So, I'm not sure how far into this paint party we'll get, but it's kicking off as soon as the kids are in bed tonight!  Hope you all have a great weekend ahead and we'll be back to fill you in on Monday.  You know, if we aren't hung over from paint fumes :)