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The Ugly Truth Of A Kitchen Reno

Deme CrinionComment
Aren't we all suckers for a good "Before & After"?   The "after" of our kitchen looks my mind.  Right now, we are in the middle of some straight up ugly.

Of the several articles I read on painting cabinets, I appreciated this author mentioning that at this point in the cabinet painting process (cabinets primed, not yet painted), your cabinets will look pretty darn ugly.  Wise and honest, that one.

We are officially in the "ugly before the pretty" stage.  I hoped to be much closer to done (and pretty) by now, but this is the reality of life with 3 young kids and living in the desert where the ability to paint in the garage without passing out from the heat offers a very small window.   

Right now,  the kitchen is not only rough on the eyes, its rough on the nerves too.  Everything came off the counters when we prepped, sanded and primed.  So my olive oil and cooking utensils that are normally in their handy spot right next to the stove are now on the kitchen table.  Along with a purse, random art, boxes, and.....a play set of brownies? 

 The dining room looks similar and it's always an agitating fun game to see who can find what first. Living without cabinet doors also makes you reassess your definition of organized.

I thought most of our cabinets were fairly organized, like this one here.  Although I'm not sure how the syrup and teapot ended up in there.  I think it was a spur of the moment move to get them out of kid-reach.  And they have lived there since.

Other cabinets...well, they need more help.   Like the kids' cabinet...

And this one.  I'm deeming this our stash cabinets.  These are above the microwave it's where we would toss any sweet treats that came into the house so the kids' didn't regularly see them, they stayed out of reach, and I didn't have to constantly turn down requests for Jelly Belly's.  Like I have been for the past few weeks.

So I guess some good can come from this chaotic and not-so-pretty stage of painting cabinets.  Time to rethink how we use our cabinet space and get better organized.  Since the doors are off, it's also making us think about any cabinets that we may want to leave open.  Oh the possibilities!  

The vision of fresh white cabinets is still clear in my mind and will get us through to the end!  Even though it's taking a little longer than we had hoped!

Who else has lived through a longer-than-anticipated kitchen reno?  Anyone else taken the plunge and removed your cabinet doors for good?