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The No-Slip Clip Trick!

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For all of you with girls in your life, especially little ladies with super fine hair, this one's for you!
keep clips from sliding out of fine hair

My daughter Mia was still pretty close to bald when she hit 2 years old.  When her hair finally started to grow in, I wanted to pin her bangs back and out of her eyes.  But every. single. clip. would slide right out as soon as she ran off to play.  Until my friend Jenny, sent me these magical clips that she made with her own two hands.  She has an adorable Etsy shop (Sugar Plumb Tree) where she sells handmade accessories for sweet little ones.

I ordered the tie young Sully is sporting below and she sent along a coordinating clip for Mia.

Along with several other clips just for fun:

And you know what?  They all stayed in!

I've ordered a few other things from her shop and her clips are by far the best!  She uses an everyday non-slip material to keep clips in place and I asked her if I could share it with you here today (thanks, Jenny!).

The secret is adding shelf liner (the spongy waffle weave kind - yes, that's the professional description) to the inside of the clip grip.  You can find a single roll at most stores for around $5.00...and that roll will make around a gajillion clips.

I bought a roll of shelf liner to attempt making some clips myself, but the first order of business was adding a small strip to the clips we already own that constantly fall out of Mia's hair.  I cut a strip the length of the clip and attached it to the top prong with a small amount of hot glue.

Totally did the trick - no more skiwampus, sliding clip!  Best of all it's super easy and super affordable.  So, go buy yourself a roll, share it with a friend, and put the re-clipping madness to an end!

*Jenny did a week of flower tutorials on her blog awhile back - check it out for some great tips on creating your own sweet clips that won't slip...along with some other awesome flower projects!

What easy tricks do you have up your sleeve using regular household items?