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The Great Picture Swap - How To Store Rotating Pictures

Deme Crinion2 Comments
So this is embarrassing, but I still have this frame sitting in my living room.....with the same winter/Christmas picture of the kids.  And it's now August.

The picture is actually too small for the frame but I threw it in there to have something up at Christmas time. Today I finally broke down and took 5 minutes to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time.

First, I gathered 4-5 of my favorite pictures that fit the size of this frame.  I love the pic I started with of Mia and Sully a few years ago (this was actually our Christmas card shot that year), so I swapped it out for a larger size.  Then, I grabbed another favorite summertime pic of Mia as a baby (such a little ham!), and finally, another couple non-seasonal pics from our wedding day that could be out year round.

I'm claiming the last few weeks of summer and placing Mia's swimming picture on top.  I stacked up the other pics underneath and placed them all back in the frame.

Now months later, the winter picture is finally gone and a summer pic is in it's place.  Well, the Christmas one is not really gone.  It's hidden behind Mia's sweet bathing beauty pic along with the other wedding shots.  

So the next time I get the inclination to swap out pictures, I don't have the excuse that I have to go hunt down a new one...they're all right there!

It's a great way to store the pictures that are most special to us, and it's very easy to change them out as we take new pictures and make new memories.

Now to do it for the other frames in our home!