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Switching Gears To School Mode

Deme Crinion3 Comments
I think I'm living in a bubble of denial.  It just hit me yesterday that Mia starts school next week.  Could there be a more unprepared mother out there right now?!  Highly doubtful.  Somehow I ignored the memo that August was here and that school starts on the 14th.   Does this seem super early to anyone else or am I just the painfully obvious newbie to the APS school schedule?

Mia's a big kinder this year (I'll be balling my eyes out one week from tomorrow) and her preschool classes always started on September 1st.....which felt right to me.  September means fall, football and freshly sharpened pencils in the classroom, right?  

Although it's right in my little world, I don't make the rules, so I better get my rear in gear...and maybe next year I'll pay closer attention to all my friends' updating their facebook status' about having all their school supplies purchased.  I thought they were just uber-prepared over-achievers but they were simply living in the real world.

So, now it's time for us to get with reality!  I have completely lucked out that Mia does not have a list of supplies to bring on the first day.  Her teacher posts a "wish list" of items for the classroom that we can purchase and donate.  Thank you!

Where we really need to crack the whip is here:
 Still in our pj's and having some juice in the family room at 10:00am.  

It's been a lazy summer in many ways and we've developed some bad habits that we need to break - that cup of juice was tipped over on the couch 10 seconds after taking this picture.  I blame it on our construction zone of a kitchen.

Since I don't plan on taking pajama clad children to school for the morning drop-off, we quickly need to get out of summer mode and into school mode!  Here's what we'll do over the next week to get us all into a better routine....

The Kids:

-Our breakfast time (7:15-ish) will stay the same, but the biggest change will be in what we do after breakfast.  Instead of a morning playtime in pj's, we'll brush teeth, get dressed and do hair.  The goal is to be ready to go out the door by 8:30.  

-We'll also have the kids set out their clothes for the next day before they go to bed. 

-I'll serve a morning snack around the same time they will have it at school.  Mia will be in half-day kindergarten everyday and Sully will be in half-day preschool two days a week.  So I'll start serving lunch around the time we'll be eating after school pickups.  


Yes, I need a better routine too!  School approaching means I need to get back to basics....go to bed earlier, wake up before the kids, schedule time for quiet (yes, schedule it, or in a house of 3 young kids it won't happen...heck, it won't happen in a house with just one!) and take a good look at our family calendar to ensure that we aren't over-committing ourselves with all the new fall activities. 

-I'm going to start by reacquainting myself with my old friend the alarm clock.  Believe me, I'm not happy about it, but in the long run, I have such a better start to my day when the kids aren't my alarm clock and I can begin the morning with a few quiet moments to get dressed/ready, pray, read, and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

-I'm going to shoot for a 10:00pm bedtime....or at least to be in my room winding down (unplugged from the computer and household to-do's).

-I'm taking a cue from the kids and setting out my clothes the night before too.  

-I need to sit down and develop age-appropriate daily schedules/routines for each of the kids and myself.

-Get back to better meal know, something other than, "Hey Babe, let's throw this on the grill tonight!" 

These changes aren't hard, but we are creatures of habit.  I know it will take some adjustment for all of us but it will help us to be much better prepared for next week and still allow us to have some fun in this last week of summer! 

I also have a few house projects to finish up that will help set us up for an organized and successful school year.   Mia's room overhaul is one of them and I have just a few more finishing touches before calling it done.  I'm excited to share the full room with you later this week!

*So is anyone else as behind the power curve as I am when it comes to this school year?  How do you prepare for school and transition out of summer mode?