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Our Little Girl's Bedroom Reveal!

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I'm so thrilled to share our little girl's room reveal with you today!  Thrilled because we can finally call a room in the house totally done, and because I really do love how the space came together.  All the pieces were there, we just had to plow through a pretty huge mound of toys, clothes and pink frills to get there.

A couple months ago, if someone asked what room in the house was closest to being done, my answer would have been Mia's.  But once we started to focus on those "last few projects" we realized there was a whole lot more going on than we thought.  It all started with this lovely scene:

Granted, her room is normally not this bad.  Her brother's invited themselves in and they all had a hay-day.  And didn't bother to pick up. Fun for them, wake up call for mom.

You can read more about how this

sparked a need for change

(in more ways than one!), but a few things were clear....

One - we needed to instill some better habits in our daughter.

Two - we needed to give her a space that she could manage, with better systems to help her do the job.

Three - she had entirely too much STUFF. 

So, we began the messy process of sorting, purging, assessing, and switching things up.  In the end we went from the toy/clothes/tutu bomb scene to a simplified, organized and whimsical place.

Let me show you around!

We're starting in the middle, but it's what drove the room design.  This bedding is from the discontinued "Penelope" line at Pottery Barn Kids.  I snagged it for a deal on Ebay and fell in love. I didn't want to go too matchy-matchy with accessories, so we pulled the soft color palette of pink/green/yellow and tried to mimic the playful, whimsical feel of the bedding throughout the rest of her room.

And now:

I think those sheets with birds on a line might be my favorite.  I also found a full size sheet set in pink with white diamonds for just $6 on a Target clearance rack.  I used the fitted sheet to cover the exposed box spring and it's amazing how such a simple thing pulls the whole bed together.  (*Full sheets are the same length as a twin, just a little wider, so I was able to get a smooth look by simply tucking in the excess fabric on the side against the wall).

The name letters were actually from Mia's nursery.   We covered the old paper with some fresh contact paper (also from Target) by tracing the letter onto the paper and cutting it out with a craft knife.  Super easy.

I used some extra white fabric that I cut from a too-long table cloth and a strip of the same pink/white full sheet set on the box spring to make a window valance.  I used hem tap to attach to pink strip to the white fabric.  The blinds are cordless, blackout shades by Levolor.  LOVE them.

We used butterfly clips to create this super easy 

butterfly focal wall

for a big wow-feature in the room.

The vanity next to Mia's bed received a lot of attention in this organizing mission.  Read how we 

revamped this vanity

to be a sweet spot for Mia to play with her dress up jewelry, and also a place where she can work on books, letters, or coloring during her afternoon quiet time.

One of my favorite accessories on the vanity, is this

birdcage clip holder

.  Cute and functional always gets high points in my book!

The closet was screaming to be rescued from the clothing/hodge-podge madness.  

You can see that we already removed the doors, and I sewed up some 

pretty curtains

to take their place. 

In the spirit of you actually making it to the end of this post, I'll save all the 

closet details

for a post next week. ;)

Remember that 

photo board

we covered earlier in the week?  It found it's new home here.

The little white cabinet below it is from my parents.  They painted it white and added some cute flower decals on the knobs.  We removed the red petal layer (from Mia's nursery colors) and added a little yellow paint to the knobs.  This replaced the large rack of tubs and now holds Mia's dolls with snap clothes and My Little Ponies.

This bookcase was actually a gift from Mia's baby shower. The shelves had become a catch all for books and any other random toy that didn't have a home.

We reclaimed this beautiful piece for a place to display some very special items and favorite book collections.

Seriously.  Who wouldn't want a pink pig donning a tutu and tiara for their first piggy bank?  (Thank you, Kristy!)

One thing Mia's room completely lacked was pictures.  We definitely remedied that in this room overhaul and one way was with this small family gallery over her bookcase.

Final corner now - I promise!

Our Mia loves to read.  Even as a toddler she was happy to sit and look through her books.  We wanted our sweet little bookworm to have a cozy place to curl up and read for quiet time in the afternoon. 

And after:

The table definitely needs something with a little height (maybe a lamp?), so there are still a few updates to be made.

We decided on this chair from Pottery Barn Teen (on sale with free shipping).   It's super comfy and large enough that she won't ever outgrow it  (I fit comfortably in it...yes, I occasionally steal my daughters reading nook for myself), but she's not swimming in it either.

The table next to the chair was a $5 craigslist find.  She received several coats of paint......started out a dark maroon when I got her, then I gave her a coat of primer, then a bright yellow which looked more like a school bus yellow (not good), to then a softer yellow that looked too buttery, to finally a fresh white that didn't compete with all the other white furniture and that bright pink chair.  Only 3 tries to get it right ;)

This space between the chair and the bookcase gave me some serious grief.  I tried about five different ideas for this wall space and nothing worked.  I was trying to use small vignettes (set of 3 frames...set of framed fabrics...etc), which competed with the three display shelves to the left and the 3 family photos to the right.  Even the photo board just didn't look right there.  I thought about how I love the idea of displaying a beautiful dress or adorable sweater on a hanger in a nursery and lightning struck!   One thing we want to do with Mia is have her choose her outfit for the next day before going to bed.  So why not give her a special place to do it and a fun reminder for her each night?

I gave a fresh coat of green paint to a square frame I had in my stash, and printed off a page that says "Today, I'll Wear...".  I popped those little words into the frame and mounted a pink glass curtain finial below it.  Each night before school and before church on Sunday mornings, Mia will pick out her outfit for the morning and hang it on the hanger.   Mia actually sees this as she lays in bed, so I hope it will be a way for her to be prepared and excited for the day ahead when she wakes up in the morning.

I loved the idea but the frame and print were far too plain.  I found a white frame with a lot more detail and used one of my digital scrap-booking kits ("Isn't She Lovely" by Zoe Pearn) to create a more playful sign.  So we went from this:

 (Is it driving anyone else crazy that the hanger hook is going the wrong way or am I just giving away my OCD here?)

To this:

And that wraps it up!  We had a lot of fun accessorizing the room and love all the sweet details...

 Of course, the bed really looks like this...

I am so happy that we were able to give Mia a space that she loves and can breath in.  We actually purchased very little for this project.  We moved some furniture around, made that furniture work efficiently for us, and got rid of everything else that make it hard to really enjoy and maintain this room.  It was a lesson in better habits, developing a giving heart as we purged, and taking pride in our space again.  I might just move in myself!